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Renee Swope Social Profile

Renee Swope

WORD-lover, heart-encourager, story-teller, grace-needer. Mom of three, Wife to one amazingly good man. Author of A Confident Heart

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Instagram Post
Has God ever called you to something that felt completely impossible in your own strength? . When our sons were eleven and thirteen, God called us to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia. After mountains of paperwork and mountain-moving prayers we sensed God leading us to adopt two girls between four and six years old so there wouldn’t be a huge age gap with our boys. . But in the end, God didn’t give us two little girls that fit nice and neatly into our family. He gave us a baby: a 6 -month-old baby girl who weighed 8 pounds. . Although we knew without a doubt she was to be ours, we also knew she was severely malnourished and had high risks of neurological struggles and many unknowns. . But what scared me most was that I was forty-two years old, had aging parents with health issues, a tween and teenage boy I was desperately trying to figure out how to parent, a very full-time job and no memory of anything I ever knew about babies. . How in the world am I going to do this? I wondered. . I imagine Joshua may have asked the same question when God called him to step into Moses’ shoes and take on the assignment of leading the nation of Israel into the Promise Land. . I love Joshua’s story so much because God didn’t just call and commission him, and then leave Joshua alone to figure it out on his own. . God prepared Joshua through decades of serving beside and learning from Moses. . God equipped Joshua by allowing him to see the struggles and victories, blessings and battles of a Godly leader, and God’s favor and faithfulness to a person fully surrendered to God’s calling. . God empowered Joshua with confidence by reminding him it was God who would fulfill His promise to give them this land. . God commanded Joshua to stay strong and courageous and then He told him how... . Has God ever called you to something impossible? . The rest of my post is over at @InCourage => link in profile
994 | February 25, 2018
Instagram Post
“I watched his shoulders as he walked up the mountain through the fog, hoping his posture would tell me how he was feeling. Raindrops trickled down his suit coat, and I thought to myself, I will never forget watching my son climb this muddy mountain to wait for his bride. Josh and Brandi had spent weeks looking for the perfect setting for an intimate wedding. They decided to read their vows and hand-written covenant promises on the peak of a mountain at sunset, with layered ridges, in shades of blue, as their backdrop. The forecast had been sunny and clear that day, but as we drove up the Blue Ridge Parkway, thick fog settled over the mountain and rain poured from the clouds. I had envisioned us all in the parking lot greeting each other with hugs and smiles, celebrating this day we had been waiting for. Some would be meeting for the first time as two families became one. Instead, we were all in our separate cars, staying dry as long as we could. Earlier that morning, Josh told us if it rained, we would follow each other to another parking lot, walk a shorter trail, and squeeze under a gazebo for a wedding without a view. Unfortunately, one of the grandmothers had been taken up the trail before the rain started, and now they needed to get her back down safely. My husband, J.J., got out of our car to see if he could help while I sat inside shaking my head in disbelief. I silently questioned God, Why did You let this happen? You know how hard they worked to prepare for this day, how little they asked for. Sunshine was all they needed. I wanted their wedding day to be perfect. I wanted them to feel like God was there with them, taking care of every detail. I wanted beauty and sunshine, smiles and laughter. I didn’t think it would rain, and I definitely didn’t anticipate fog as thick as cotton. I pulled out my phone to take a picture, and suddenly I remembered: God knew all along. God knew what their wedding day would look like. I didn’t understand it or like it, but it wasn’t up to me to fix it. It was up to me to decide if I was going to stay stuck...” 🔗 Keep reading at @incourage
790 | June 21, 2018

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