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Rey E. Robles Social Profile

Rey E. Robles

A Boricua in Los Angeles. Resident troll at @BeatsbyDre . @NikeLab & @AKQA alumn. Humble, young man, humble.

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Walking to the prep room just before hitting the operating room. Hospitals should have a drum line & smoke for you to run through entering the O.R. Poor Joey's a pro. He's been through similar scenarios too often in his life. This was my first surgery since I was 4 years old, which my only memories of are from my scar and the Ninja Turtle toys my parents got me. -- Waking up in a holding room with tons of other patients waiting for proper rooms was trippy. Luckily I got to see Joey on the way to my room shortly after. He was still zonked from the anesthesia so the nurses had to slap him a few times to open his eyes to see me. He doesn't remember this. Once in the room, I realized I had a catheter. I didn't have it removed until the 2nd day. I stalled on getting up to walk until they took it out. No way was I risking any mishaps with that thing lodged in me. I broke a plastic throw-up bin after drinking some apple juice in the midst of dry heaving. My intestines waking back up and processing food was a bit painful. I even slapped a doctors hand away when they pressed too hard on one of my incisions. I'm a chump when it comes to pain. -- I kept singing @chancetherapper's "Blessings" in my head to help me feel better from the operating table throughout the 2 weeks of recovery I've experienced thus far. I broke down listening to it for the first time post-surgery in the car a few days ago. I needed that. Thank you for existing, Chancellor. -- My cousin is back in the hospital after a bout with on and off again fevers. They've been testing him for five days and just found the root cause. I'm hoping when they release him at the top of next week that he doesn't have to go back at all throughout the rest of his recovery. I've complained about every single ache and pain since waking up from the procedure. The most he's done is wince. That guy is infinitely stronger/braver than I'll ever be. Send him good vibes if you can, please. He's got a long road to full health ahead of him. -- If you happen to see my girl anytime soon, give that woman a hug. She needs it after dealing with my pain in the ass self for the past few weeks. Thank you for everything, Shilena.
252 | October 9, 2016
Instagram Post
241 | May 25, 2017

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