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Instagram Post
#TellUsTigers: “’How can you give him up?’ People ask me this all the time. Koa (@koatheservicepup) is a #comfortretriever and #diabeticalertdog (DAD) that I trained as part of my #thesis. After three semesters on campus, Koa has #graduated and is placed with a wonderful family as a DAD. Of course, I will miss him terribly. So much love, time and effort has gone into his training on my behalf from the entire #PrincetonU community (without whom all of this would not be possible). We’ve all watched him grow up starting from a chunky fluff ball, through his teenage months, and into a respectable service dog. Koa’s been my constant companion for the past 18 months, and he has taught me so much. I used to put so much pressure on myself to make him perfect. But I realized it wasn’t doing either of us any good. He’s not thinking about how his heeling will improve over the next several months. He’s focused on the now — eyeing the treat in my hand, rolling around on the carpet to scratch his back, and the praise he receives when he alerts correctly. I had to readjust my mindset. I adopted Koa’s perspective. I smile simply watching him run across a field, his large ears bouncing up and down, clapping together at the peak of his bound. I beam at the way he looks up at me as we walk around campus together, eager to know what we’re doing next. Now, I enjoy every success in the moment. And every failure. I know he’s going to a family that loves him so much. I know he’s going to make such a difference in his girl’s life. I know he’s going to make a difference in her parents’ life by providing security and comfort knowing their daughter is looked after as she heads off to college. I honestly think he has more fun with his new family than with me. I also know all the hard work I have put into him to make him a well-behaved service dog. He’s ready to do what he was meant to do. So yes, I will miss him with all of my heart. But I also know that this is the best possible thing for him. And that makes it so much easier to let him go. So, I pose this question to you: how could I not give him up?” — Camden Olson ’19, ecology & evolutionary biology major #servicedog #princetagram
17,390 | January 10, 2019
Instagram Post
#TellUsTigers about your #firstdayofcollege: "Meet Koa (@koatheservicepup), a #comfortretriever. The seemingly effortless trust and communication that accompanies a working service dog team is truly beautiful. Next year, as part of my senior thesis research, I'll have a chance to observe this relationship by training Koa to be a #diabeticalertdog on campus. I will teach him how to alert to high and low blood glucose levels before placing him with a Type 1 diabetic. I will also teach an after-school program that teaches middle school students how to train service dogs; the kids will work with Koa. If you see Koa on campus with his service vest, please do not pet or distract. When I was little, I was terrified of dogs. That all changed when my grandma brought home Inukshuk, an 8-week-old #blacklab. Inukshuk is a cairn, or a trail marker, who has guided me on my path to discovering my passion for training service dogs. Working with a dog teaches me new lessons every day. I took a gap year before starting at #PrincetonU to raise a guide-dog-in-training, Derby. One of the most important things he taught me was to live in the moment. He mirrored my mood and if I was stressed about something, his less than adequate behavior was a constant reminder to focus on the work immediately in front of me. (This is a skill that has come in handy at Princeton.) When I dropped off Derby for the test that would determine whether he would continue his #guidedog training, I cried but a huge smile accompanied my tears. I was so proud of him. We had worked so hard for this moment. As part of my work with Derby and his trainer, we entered a busy mall. His trainer turned to me, handed me a blindfold and the leash. A cloud of darkness surrounded me as the fabric pressed against my face. I could hear the trickle of an indoor fountain and children playing down the hall. I felt the gentle tug of leather in my grasp, as I grabbed onto the harness handle. Disoriented, I turned to my dog, trusting Derby, just as he had turned to me so many times before. — Camden Olson, Class of 2019 #Princetagram #diabeticalertdogintraining #t1dwarrior #servicedogsofinstagram #servicedogintraining #collegedog
10,198 | September 13, 2017

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