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Lost In The Willderness x Get Fresh Company x Lost and Found

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Instagram Post
The homie @parkdalev hit me up a few weeks back and said a friend of his, @phinamd was writing an article exploring the experiences and identities of first and second generation Vietnamese in Toronto. We met up and spoke about my ambivalence towards my culture and how I wished I wasn't Vietnamese growing up because I was so sick and tired of the racism my family and I received. About my anger and violent personality while growing up because I always felt the need to settle my differences through strength and fear. We spoke about my parents' teachings never making sense until I grew up, had a kid and saw the world differently. We spoke about how I broke my parents hearts when I decided not to be a doctor, or a lawyer or an engineer. For me it was that I recognized my parents' sacrifice. They've told me the story of their escape in the middle of the night countless times. Being chased by the communists into the ocean, their boat having bullet holes, scooping out water, throwing things overboard trying to stay afloat while sharks circled them for days. They risked their lives to get here for me and my siblings to live our dreams and gave us a real shot at achieving that. They didn't come here for us to just settle. They could have stayed in Vietnam for that. Most importantly we spoke about the signaficance of being Vietnamese and how I plan to pass that on to Ben. It's not easy because I feel like I lose a bit of being Vietnamese everyday in this western melting pot. But amongst all his other identities that he will have to balance I don't ever want him to forget what our family and culture had to go through for him to live the way he does. We all carry the responsibility of representing and carrying our people forward, whether that be our ethnicity, our fam, block or things we value. To fully represent means we need to fully understand. Its always been about bridging the gap. And honestly I can't wait to go Vietnam for the first time and bring Ben and Julie with me so we can experience what our native land is together. I'm sure I'll break down crying. Thanks again to Nam and @vice for letting me be a part of this project. Full article in my bio.
1,780 | July 7, 2017
Instagram Post
This month marks the 17 year anniversary of my suicide attempt. It's crazy to look back and think that I thought my life wasnt worth living for when I was 14/15. What's crazier is that I've lived longer than the age I was when I wanted to give up. To think everything that's happened in my life in the last 17 years could have never existed - Every smile. Every friend. Every time I fell in love. Every heartbreak. Every tear. Every achievement. Graduating. Going to university. Playing a part in my city and seeing it thrive. My siblings. My parents. Meeting Julie. Falling in love with her and making a beautiful child. Every moment I've shared with him and seeing him grow. I didn't even set foot on a plane at that point. I would have died only knowing my little dot on the planet. Since then, I've done nothing but go full speed with life. I realized that as hard as this gets, I'll always make it through. Because it's always gotten better and I have no reason to think otherwise. Life has to be full of challenges. The feeling of victory once you achieve it must feel fulfilling. Pain must be real so you know how it feels to heal. You must go through heartbreak so you can appreciate love. And in some sense, it took me almost dying to really live life. It honestly breaks my heart to remember the boy I used to be. How hurt and sad I always was on the inside. Having no one to talk to about what I was going through. So what I really want to say is, to anyone going through something in life, no matter how tough this is, you'll be ok. Don't dwell on the things you don't have. Be happy and appreciate what you do. And no matter what you think, there are people who love you and care about you and your well being. Don't bottle it up. Speak about it. Life wasn't meant to be easy because it'd be too boring. These obstacles define us and make us who we are. Believe in yourself and your ability. Our differences are what make us beautiful. Thank you to everyone who's been with me in the last 17 years and making my life amazing! And lastly I want to thank Ms Rosvelti, my grade 9 teacher who paid attention to my changing attitude in class and saved my life. I'll never forget you.
1,611 | May 30, 2017

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