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Open Society

The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens. http://osf.to/communityguidelines

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Ibrahiem (Space blanket) 16 year old from Gambia. . . "We are all human beings, it doesn’t matter how old we are. It doesn’t matter what country we are from. It doesn’t matter the color of our skin. We don't take this journey because we really want to,  we do this because we have no other options. Please, do not forget us" We started off at the coast of Tripoli at 3am. We were in the water for six hours, bailing out water left and right from the boat. We all were praying to Allah. The waves hadn't taken us far, we were still in Libya when you found us.  I have been living in Libya for three months, I was working as brick / tile layer. Since June I lived in this country. There are many jobs there (Libya) but they don't normally pay. I would work for a whole day and get paid, then the next day, I get nothing. The Libyans are not good people, they're so bad. They offer food and money - somedays, they steal it back from you. They will beat you. Very hard. ​ Even the police, are no good. They will rob from you as well. We hear guns. Everyday we hear guns, they kill people. We hear guns 10am, 5pm, everyday. Friday, Saturday...As the way things were going, I was thinking 5-8 months I live here, but I was robbed once. But my friends have been beaten and robbed in front of me. They will shoot them in their legs or feet. Many people I see get shot. I changed my mind. No longer wanted to live in Libya. Gambia is not easy. I left to help my mother and send her money. My father has cancer. It's not easy in both countries. Why I risked everything today...I heard a friend of mine try and they made it. So by the greatness of god, I wanted to try the waters.  What I plan to do, is only god knows. I do plan to stay in Italy. Asked what he’d like to study in university, he says, “Mathematics." By @karpov.film #opensocietyfoundations #karpov.film #mediterraneansea #refugees #migrants #safepassage #moas #boatrefugeefoundation #libya #documentary #reportage #photojournalism #karpov #photography #rescue
1,043 | February 7, 2017
This is Daniella Zalcman (@dzalcman) posting work this week from an ongoing project on forced assimilation education for First Nations children. The genesis of this project was something of an accident. I’d been researching the relationship between anti-gay laws and HIV prevalence (specifically in Uganda), and through poking around some UNAIDS literature read that one of the demographics with the fastest growing rates of HIV was Canada’s Indigenous population. In an era where new HIV infection rates are lowering in most parts of the globe and is an expected statistic in a country with one of the largest and most developed economies in the world, the number of Indigenous Canadians living with HIV increased by 24 percent between 2005 and 2010. That stunned me. I spent a month driving through British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, and very quickly realized that more than 90 percent of the HIV positive First Nations people I met had gone to residential school. I’m embarrassed to say that I’d never learned about residential schools before (or Indian Boarding Schools, as they’re known in the U.S.), but I quickly began to believe that elevated HIV rates (along with a number of other systemic crises in Canada’s Indigenous communities) were directly linked to this multi-generational school system, which Canada’s government now terms a cultural genocide. Here — a broken swing set stands just a few dozen feet from where the Beauval Indian Residential School once stood in Saskatchewan. #signsofyouridentity @signsofyouridentity #pulitzercenter #borealcollective
947 | June 20, 2016

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