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Instagram Post
Not a day goes by that I️ don’t think about you From the day I️ meet you I️ realized how special you where You was really a angel who took a vacation from heaven and came down and bless so many others I️ was blessed to call you a friend I️ was blessed to call you a brother I️ was blessed to have you smile at me I️ was blessed to get a hug from you I was blessed to have you embrace me with love and not only show it but say it I️ was blessed for you believing in me when nobody else didn’t I️ was blessed to share meals with you off the same plate I️ was blessed to have my mom meet you and tell you what you meant to us I am blessed to call you’re mother my mom and your family my family I️ was blessed that you wanted me to stop smoking because of my asthma and would dubb me for a cigarette all the time I️ was blessed to know your humor , your kindness your where the most un selfish person I know I️ am the same way and I️ bet that’s why we clicked so good , a person who puts everyone and everything before himself because he got joy in seeing others happy and that’s a gift many people won’t understand and few can relate to You was my lil brother but also my big homie And person I️ went to for guidance , a person I️ went to for advice , the realest souls god ever created and I️ am blessed for the knowledge you gave me.. I’m blessed to have many memories with you and all though memories fade , These memories are moments that will last for a lifetime .. imma see you soon bro bro when I️ pull up have that Henny ready and the DVD of Best Mans Holliday ready.. LOVE YOU KID MY LIL BRO BUT MY BIG HOMIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
1,862 | November 13, 2017
Instagram Post
When this shit used to be fun.
1,562 | September 25, 2016
Instagram Post
1,246 | December 6, 2017
Instagram Post
As a kid I would sit back and watch this dude He was charismatic, funny and life Anywhere he went just like our pops!! I was always the shy ”im like Ma ”still am” but always proud like yo that's my big brother He is everything i wish I could be Always smart, super sharp and strong And I always looked up to him He taught me how to dress and talk to girls ”reason why they break my heart lol JK” This guy is legend 4real b When we was younger I was bigger than him in size I remember my mom telling me when I was about 9yrs old To always be there for your brother To always protect him ”she probably doesn't remember but I remember her voice saying it” And I've been doing that since birth And it's the best responsibly I ever had other than being a dad that keeps me going till today... Because if I didn't do that there will be no us Without you there's no me And vice Versa I would be a plumber somewhere or a super like pops And he would have been in the streets still.... probably dead or in jail because this kid was wild .. And there would be no TANBOYS He thinks I'm a genius but how you tell me one day ”yo O your name should be Ohla” If he didn't say than none of ya would know Ohla and there's not TAN Love you Nate And I'm so grateful that you trust me so much that I'm your manager ” the Lil brother is the manager of the big brother?” taking meetings with labels bringing my daughter to sony/Columbia while she did homework on the floor of the VPs office to movie companies, getting you on showtime & ABC, like wtf what do I say to these people? But you trusted me and look what we accomplished!!! un heard of 2 kids from Spanish Harlem that nobody believed in.. Waves don't lie pa we was always different.. Around this this time i had a new born baby & From pops kicking us out after him and mom's divorce because he didn't understand what we wanted to do To being homeless sleeping in my Dodge magnum With our cloths in garbage bags for 4 days To moving in with grandma to get kicked out in 2 months because the whole family said our music gave her a stroke ”the rest is noise mixtape” To moving uptown to 158th and broadway And created what we are today
1,276 | March 17, 2018

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