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roasted pine nut hummus Social Profile

roasted pine nut hummus

I act and write when I'm not eating hummus Instagram:@matttimmons

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In the past few years where I’ve been “quiet” and people have been asking where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, am I still acting, etc. The truth is, I took a break from acting because I was severely depressed. Struggling through body dysmorphia, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression took so much out of me, I couldn’t bare the thought of going into an audition room to be judged by strangers. Its not easy to open up about mental health, but it does help. Body issues are very serious and should be talked about. I’m so grateful for the many people who has spoken out about these topics. Usually we here it from big starlets, who grew up in this industry. And that’s awful it happens and I’m glad to see things are changing and people speaking out. But I want to show that it’s not just them who go through it. I was the “fat funny friend” and I hated it only because I felt that was my only identity. I was at my max of 300lbs after the show ended. Unemployed, depressed, and with no idea what I wanted to do. Eventually I moved to the behind the camera stuff because the thought of being in front of the camera again felt so awful. I didn’t want to see myself like that. (Side note: I did love playing “Woody” I don’t regret it and don’t want anything to come off like so) that’s a whole other topic but, without writing my full story (which I’d love to share with everyone at some point) I’ve lost a total of 135lbs at this point. I’m proud of what I’ve done. <——IT TAKES A LOT FOR ME TO SAY THAT, BTW!! I feel with everything happening right now, all the signs were pointing at me opening up to you guys and sharing my story in hopes it might help someone else too. You all have been so kind with your comments and compliments about my look now. You actually maybe don’t even know how much it has helped.💛💛 I’d like to return the favor and talk openly and freely in some way about mental health and body issues as it affects so many people. Please let me know what y’all would like? If you’d like to hear more about this/my story. I’m finally willing to be talk, very openly, very frank. If one person out there gets help just from talking about this or hearing me talk about it, then th
19,718 | February 9, 2018

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