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liza kindred Social Profile

liza kindred

New York
✨ Futurism, tech, mindfulness. Founder of @3rdWaveFashion + @Mindful_Tech. Be kind to yourself. #mindfultech #meditationteacher Current projects

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18 years ago today, nearly ten months pregnant and barely an adult myself, after 22 hours of hard labor... I gave birth to the tiny human who would have the biggest influence in shaping me into the person I have become. // Whether due to my young age, or my perpetual beginner’s heart, I have never felt like I had any earned wisdom to share with her. But when life teaches me a new lesson, or when my heart is touched enough to feel secure in some knowledge, I’ve shared it, in real time. // And so we have grown up together. // While I bare my mistakes and find my ground, she challenges, inspires, and shares what she learns, too; all the while forgiving me, and fully loving me, in all of my humanity. // My monkey is such a genuine inspiration. Her generosity and kindness are real. She is an old soul with a light touch; a complex and wise spirit in a radiant human body. She is warm and smart, and she makes me laugh. // They say that the days are long, and the years are short. Nothing feels more true. These last 18 have blazed past me. And I am so *thrilled* to get to keep walking beside her on this earth. And I know we’ll always be connected at the heart. // Not many people were optimistic as I was hauling my huge, twenty-year-old, college drop-out belly around, but I was sure — more than anything else in my entire life — that if she chose me, then we were right for each other. // Thank you, monkey, for making me a mom. You changed the path of my life in a wholly unexpected and beautiful way, showed me what I could be, and have always supported my growth. // May you always have the same. // Happy 18th birthday, @nikakindd ❤️
292 | December 8, 2017

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