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DreamitDOit! SkySportsNews. Author #RowforFreedom. World Record Atlantic rower. @SPORTforFREEDOM founder. God is good! Views my own. Instagram juliaKimmonen.

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Instagram Post
Young ish & free!
428 | September 25, 2017
Instagram Post
Part II..... I firmly believe God's promise might linger but He's never late! Had God answered my prayers to be married even a few years ago, I now see it wouldn't have been right. It may work out differently for each of us, but God will ultimately fulfil our desires one way or another. . We're a generation of instant gratification and dating has changed massively in my time. It's so rare to now meet people organically. Most of my friends date online and have met fantastic partners - it's great, but I don't have even 1% urge to do it. I wish I did. . The social pressure is huge! "Julia get online", "you need to be more proactive", "maybe you're intimidating", "are you too picky?", "I just don't understand it" as if there's something wrong. . I've enjoyed dating over the years. I could marry 'someone' but I want the right person for me. It can be heartbreaking and lonelier in the wrong marriage. Some of the most disappointed people aren't the singles. The life changing travels, experiences and expeditions I've been on were made far easier being single. I don't have marriage on a pedestal - although a huge blessing, it's hard work and sacrificial. I've had the privilege to watch good, solid, healthy marriages and learn from them and one of the rewards is to fly further together because of each other. . Some of your most significant moments of your life may still be ahead but the moment you're in right now waits to be seized! Don't miss the blessing of this season by pining for the next. Don't compare your journey to others. Trust in God's timing - the right person won't pass you by and in the meantime become the person you're looking for, is looking for. This single season, may just be a season, so treasure the gift and all its opportunities and wonders! Look at the incredible things you have, not the things you don't. I'm hugely enthusiastic about life and am ever the optimist despite my panics and worry sometimes. And remember, you are enough! Jerry Maguire lied, no guy or girl will ever complete you. You're worth the wait! I'm going to passionately keep trusting for the things yet unseen.... I pray you do too!
387 | August 8, 2017
Instagram Post
Singleness // Trusting for things yet unseen. This is a post I never thought I would write and didn't want to for years. However now I'm excited to! Whether by choice or not, be encouraged, singleness is a gift! . Growing up I thought I'd be married by 24 with 4 kids round my ankles! After 2 long relationships I've been single for pretty much 10 years. This decade has been beyond incredible! Now 37, I continue to live life to the absolute max, with passion, adventure and intent. I've had the freedom to be spontaneous and accomplish things I never dreamt possible. I've worked hard at becoming the best Julia I can be, learning who I am, where my value comes from and being wholly satisfied and happy in myself. . For 5 years I didn't want a relationship and enjoyed being on my own after 11 years of relationships. For a couple of years I was on a mission with the Atlantic row, so giving well to someone was the last thing on my mind. But for the last few years I've had one eye open for the right guy and especially in the last year learnt the power of being still and living life at a more balanced pace. . Trust me I feel like Bridget Jones sometimes and am lonely sometimes too. I do wonder if people think I'm strange or that there's something wrong with me for having been single for so long. My social media feeds are full of engagements, weddings, baby scans and now even second marriages, because that's what we do at our age. Not all, but the majority. I'm genuinely happy for others but I admit I get the odd pangs of envy too - that's normal and I've come to accept, that's okay. Friends are freezing eggs and choosing artificial insemination because they haven't met the right guy and for women my age the biological clock is ticking. . As you know I'm a woman of faith and God often asks us to wait. Are you waiting well? Or do you freak out and get anxious? Take things into your own hands? Or do you let the process strengthen you? I've definitely done the former and panicked and had melt downs worrying if I've missed my chance and if I'll get my greatest heart's desire, to get married and have 2 sets of twins! True story. Part II continues....
343 | August 8, 2017

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