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Johnel Mr.B Barron Social Profile

Johnel Mr.B Barron

Los Angeles

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59 /100
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Very High
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Speaker, Beauty, Coaching
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United States
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Johnel Mr.B Barron's Top Content

Instagram Post
#SoulCareCoaching: Top 10 RULES OF DATING for WOMEN... 1. Don't follow your heart, lead your heart. You wouldn't let a young child or run into a busy intersection. You would grab them by the hand and lead them with caution. Lead your heart. 2. Give a guy atleast three dates to prove he is a fake. One date can be nervousness, give him time to see whether or not he fits the part. 3. If you are not that interested in him, tell him ASAP, don't lead him on so you can get "the FREE": attention, food, clothes, shoes, clothes, trips and intimacy, because you giving up your time and that ain't free. 4. Quit faulting guys because you like sex. You have sex, then say that's all he wants. Do a better job of managing your hormones. He can't get what you don't give. If you want closure, start with your legs. 5. Think like a lady and act like a lady and you'll be treated like a Queen. But if you think like a lady and act like a man, then he will be in competition mode as if you are a man, and want to beat you at your game versus just loving you for you. 6. Old fashioned is still in style. If you are worth it. He will work for it. Through time, attention and effort. Paying for you isn't work, it shows you aren't with much. Learn your value boo. 7. Ask him what he likes, and do that. Don't repeat what your past men like, learn to major in your man. Study him, learn him, and meet his needs. No recycled love over here. 8. Keep yourself up. Don't get lazy after a month or two. Stay fine and fit. Let him know that you get better with time, and you won't go on the decline. 9. Don't date your 20's away on cheap trips and alleged ballers that will never marry you. You'll have your memories but you'll have neglected personal growth and be far away from the family or life you want in your 30's and 40's. Don't get mad, you invested that much time in that man, not us honeybooboo. 10. The minute you make a man more important than God, you have just entered a living hell. No man can be your savior. Love a man, but remember:"If he has no connection to God, he'll have no conviction for you!" Remember your values. -@JOHNELBARRON
234 | October 23, 2013
Instagram Post
#SoulCareCoaching: DON'T LET SEX MAKE A MOTHER/FATHER OUT OF YOU BEFORE LOVE MAKES YOU A WIFE/HUSBAND... Now if you have a child/children already that's not what I'm referring to, I'm speaking from this point forward (someone will love you and those children). I grew up in a single parent household and I support single mothers, so it's men out here (& women for good men with kids). Now if you don't want to get married this ain't for you. Remember:"If we defend our habits we have no intentions of quitting them." The reality for men and women is that feelings and intimacy can often derail us from the ultimate goal of intelligent togetherness. We accept being #1 instead of the ONLY ONE. We have robbed ourselves by allowing people to drive the whole car as if they bought it, when in reality they haven't made a deposit. Think about it, most people posting pics naked, usually have a ring finger that is naked. Nobody wants what everyone can have or see. They may want it for a night, but not for a lifetime. Everybody is wifey material (& husband material) but not everybody is wifey (husband) quality. Certain clothes don't last past one wash (just like a non quality weave, it don't last long or starts to look crazy), because they were decent material but not good quality. Always search out good quality. Maybe we have defined this whole thing about beauty incorrectly. We looking on the outside instead of searching out their insides to see which one is more beautiful or noble. Everyone can be husband or wife material doesn't make them husband or wife quality. Search out quality. The smartest decision you could make is to stop doing dumb things and PEOPLE! I BELIEVE in YOU!!!-@JOHNELBARRON Email your thoughts: yoursuccesscoach@me.com #life #love #dating #johnelbarron #lifecoach #speaker #awareness
261 | December 2, 2013

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United States
United Kingdom
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Los Angeles
New York

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blackenterprise.com tdjakes.org essence.com rollingout.com oprah.com get.uber.com bet.com xon.ec
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