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I write books. I say words. I raise a bunch of kids with the hubs. I love Jesus. Sometimes we are on TV. That about covers it.

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Go get ‘em today, ladies.
27,934 | April 10, 2018
Instagram Post
This is 2002 me in a hospital having delivered my 3rd baby five hours earlier. The "big kids" came to meet him & crawled in bed with me. I found this & shed tears upon tears for every baby in this picture. . For Sydney who turned 2 thirteen days earlier. For Gavin who had just turned 4. I can hardly look at their little faces. . But most of my tears are for that young mama. She was 27 & five hours removed from delivering her 3rd baby in 4 years. She was sore & stitched, but she read to those babies in bed so they knew they were still her moon & stars. She’d go home the next day with 3 babies & work 24/7 taking care of these treasures & sometimes crying in the bathroom. There was never enough of her to go around, but God have mercy did she try. . Here is to all you young mamas. I know how it feels to have 2 in diapers & 1 still nursing. I remember the utter exhaustion until you fall asleep with your clothes on. How people hold the door at Target & say, "Wow. You have your hands full." Cutting grapes in half & squeezing ketchup packets until your fingers bleed. . And the worry! The world feels like a monster out to harm & injure your babies, & you alone can keep them from eating pennies & avoiding bullies & obviously not drive your car into water, a highly likely scenario I imagined 7098 times. . I want to tell that 27-yr-old what I’ll tell you: You’re doing a breathtaking, beautiful job. Your children are loved & they know it. You’re giving them something priceless: security. They are safe with you, absolutely cherished. This isn't from one big thing you do but from the million minutes you love them well. All your mistakes & meltdowns won't change it. You’re raising healthy, secure kids - it matters so much. It sticks. It is the air they breathe from their 1st day, & you can't undo it. . Love to you, young moms. Keep going, even if you feel like you’re reading to 2 of them in the hospital bed you just delivered the 3rd one in. I know. There isn’t much down time. But all this matters and you matter. Cheering you on from the other side. I’ll hold a seat for you. You’re going to make it.
26,043 | October 18, 2017

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