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Marcel Middleton Social Profile

Marcel Middleton

Co-Founder/Owner of Tru-Blud Business Concierges #music #fashion #TeamGrindHarder #TRUBLUD ATLANTA

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Hey Princess! Its Daddy! How have you been? I know you're out there watching over me. I feel your presence on my skin and hear your whispers in the wind. I still miss you even though we've never actually met. Wow. Time really flies. I think about what would've, could've, should've been quite often. But not often enough though. It hurts too deeply to think about your little voice saying, "Daddy, I'm sleepy" or "I'm hungry Daddy. Please feed me." Yea, the tears flow as i write about all the ifs and/or mights as it pertains to your life. Your mom is good! Guess what, today's her birthday. You should stop by and say hi. Yep, you'd be so proud of her. She's grown so much since that night. You'd be happy on how much you changed her life. I left her a comment under her pic today just say Happy Birthday. She slid through my DM to say thank you. That was nice. I know, what's a DM right? Too much to explain how much things have changed. We're no longer together, as I'm sure you know. Daddy made a few mistakes and we had to let go. No baby girl, it was definitely not your fault. You were too special and we was just too young and immature in this crazy world, trying not to get lost. The best thing is, we are great friends now, better than we've ever been. All is forgiven. Love conquers all, that's what we've learned in the end. I had to write you tonight because you were on my soul. Just the thought of raising you, into an amazing you, makes swell up and cry. You're impossible to let go. My head's filled with, Hows? What did I dos? And a bunch of why's? I ain't going lie, I've long been confused and heartbroken, so these are all questions for the most high! I just hope that one day, in some way, you'll find your way to me. I don't want to be alone in this world with no Legacy to leave, this great Legacy I've weaved. I've got too much love to share. Too much to protection for when your scared. Too much wisdom. Too many things that I want to show and tell you. Too many hugs and forehead kisses to give. Too many dreams to help come true. Too many. Just too much. Not to have a chance to give them all to you! Goodnight Princess. Daddy loves him some you! -Cel Gales
235 | January 18, 2017

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manageflitter.com dt.gofund.me thisis50.com gofund.me twopcharts.com hhdx.co livemixtapes.com on.vibe.com
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