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Online Coach| 8X Fitness Cover Model Host of @dietdropoutpodcast Local Media Fitness Go To Building Our Dream Home|AZ @realestatebyfelicia

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Can you believe that the pic on the left I was doing cardio for an hour each day and weight lifting almost everyday? But, I was also trying to extreme diet with cycles of binge eating a couple times a week. Do any of you go through this?! - • • Pic on right is zero cardio except for 10-15 min of either a jog, walk or elliptical a couple times a week, 30 min of full body workouts with a mix of weights and body weight 3-4 times a week. - • • Would you believe me that I feel like you can reach your goals with a less is more mindset especially if you have suffered from metabolic damage, hypothyroidism and hormonal issues. It’s like the more i worked out the more inflammation and bloat I would go through. 🤣😭 - • • So what got me to this point? How did I lose the weight, decrease my inflammation, decrease body fat and major water retention ? It’s not an easy answer but I can assure you it’s possible! - • First: focus on getting internally healthy. Healing gut , hormones and regulating thyroid will in turn get your metabolism back in order. You ever feel like you are doing everything right on paper but still not seeing changes? This might possibly be the culprit. - • Second: give your body a break. I know this is tough but for me it was necessary to heal. I love exercise and staying active but I had to adopt a different view toward my training In order to heal. - • Third: stop ✋ the binge eating. This was a major turning point for me. Just eat moderately and consistently! You will see the change! - • Fourth: Manage stress. I had a conversation with someone who first met me 8 years ago when I was in the pinnacle of my competition career but also experiencing extreme stress and trauma from the environment I was in. She said that I’m completely different now. I’m not exuding sadness, stress or unfocused behavior. That i almost seem at peace now. Environment has a huge effect on how we feel. 🙏🏼 - • Hopefully some of these tips help! If you are on a new fitness journey stay positive but most importantly stay consistent and you will get there! 💪🏻 #onlinecoach #health #fitness #lifestyle
2,550 | January 6, 2019

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