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PECULIAR MATHEMATICS: Ran my fastest NYC Marathon yesterday, a clocking good for 78th slot among the men at the largest participatory sporting event on the planet, an improvement in both time and ranking over the 100th place PR I hustled back in 2011 and the fourth fastest marathon of the 24 I’ve lined up for in the past 13 years (now totaling nine in NYC), one that felt like a savage calculus of relentless forward motion following my fastest race ever in Berlin six weeks ago. Lifetimes. None of that was in mind as I flowed through the boroughs on the day. Not much was in my mind at all, actually; I spent the first 16 miles watching events unfold in front and around me from “behind the eyes” as is sometimes suggested in mindfulness practice. In the marathon you have only have one or two opportunities to make a move—that’s why planning, preparation and execution are crucial: at all levels the penalty for mistakes is severe. (And here it must be said that a plans and levels can range from “break two hours” to “finish smiling”—or both!) Yesterday I did something new, coming off the Queensboro Bridge and charging up First Avenue rather than defaulting to struggle as I have in years past. In those miles I felt like I was finally running the NYC Marathon I’d envisioned since the first one 13 years ago—but if it worked out well enough, still it was not good enough. The feeling faded. I finished. Today I woke early, plotting how to move around a couple set pieces and unlock a few final stages of the race, reflecting on the peculiar mathematics of it all, to be enraptured by something we only have a chance to try our hand at once every 12 months. And thinking, Next year. Next year. NYCM17 foto by @notafraid2fail, 1229p 5 Nov 2017 #runningculture #blackrosesNYC
2,714 | November 6, 2017

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