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Earl Gray Social Profile

Earl Gray

United States
Personal and organizational coach/consultant. Color blind design freak. Always carrying a camera, Gorillapod, Pilot P -500 and a full size Moleskine.

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Instagram Post
Origami cranes #444 - 452 & 461/1,000 - This flock is going out to the UK (2), France and Israel internationally, and to California, Maryland, Missouri (2) and New Jersey in the US. The small white one is made from dissolving paper and is for a person going through a time of transition. When it is put in a bowl of warm water, as soon as you stir the water a bit it dissolves completely. I hope it serves as a good exercise for the person, and that it will mark a new beginning. The lime green one is for the granddaughter of one of the baristas. She told me that she would like one, and I was happy that I had paper in her favorite color. I had hoped to give it to her in person when she stopped in, but I had to leave before she arrived. I had the day off for Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday, and it was nice to spend a 3 1/2 hour block of it folding cranes and hearing people's stories. There ended up being five different extended conversations, and each one was a gift. One of the nice things about folding cranes in Starbucks is that when someone comes up, you just simply stop folding for awhile, then pick it up again after the interaction has ended. The small cup is the quad espresso I got when I arrived, and the larger cup is a grande skinny macchiato that I got towards the end. The red box that a couple of the cranes are on is an empty box of candy from Maxim's in Paris that a friend brought back for my wife. It works well for putting the cranes in to get them home without them getting bent up, plus it's fun that it's from another country, too. Over the next several days I'll write the notes that will carry the cranes to their homes. Writing the notes and thinking about what to say in them is always something I look forward to. May these cranes fly fast and fly straight and encourage the people that receive them - that's my wish for this 1,000 crane project. It has been much more of a gift to me than I could have anticipated, and I'm thankful for everyone that has been a part of it! #origami #tsuru #starbucks
91 | January 16, 2012
Instagram Post
Origami crane #482/1,000 - This crane is the first one that I've been able to make in a long time! The last one before this one was February 20th. I had a weird illness which is almost over now, and one of the unexpected effects of it was not being able to use my hands for fine motor skills things like handwriting and folding cranes. I am thankful that I can do both again now, and I will be able to write and mail off the notes to many people who have been patiently waiting for them. This crane is going to Robin, the person who gave me the remarkable gift of the portable caterer's burner that the crane is sitting on. I was talking with her and her husband one day while we were volunteers together on community service project together, and she told me she was a caterer. That art has always fascinated me, and it was great hearing about what it's like. I told her that one of my dreams/goals was getting a portable catering burner, and going to people's small offices and making omelets for them on my days off, for fun. Making omelets is a total blast for me, and showing up and making them on the spot hit me a a fun and simple way to give people a small lift and encouragement. Just as I was starting to get sick, she called me, asked me again what I wanted to do with one, then told me that she had bought me one and several butane canisters that it runs on! I was knocked out. It comes in it's own portable case, too. A remarkably kind gift! Now I am feeling up to using it, and I'm planning out the first places I'll take it to make omelets for people. So today I am celebrating the simple gifts that have been returned to me - handwriting notes, folding cranes for people, and feeling well again. Add that into the gift of this burner from a very kind friend and the ability to make omelets again, too - and it adds up to a remarkably blessed life. A lot to think about and be thankful for. Cheers to you on a very fresh-start Monday afternoon!
66 | April 9, 2012

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