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Layne Norton, PhD Social Profile

Layne Norton, PhD

Dad. Owner of BioLayne LLC, Natural Pro BBer. Nutritional Science PhD, 2x USAPL 93kg Nat. Champ. Crusher of bullshit

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90 /100
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Coaching, Nutrition, Powerlifting
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“Layne why can’t you just focus on being positive.”. . “Why do you call people out, let’s just all get along.”. . “Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”. . Fuck that. That kind of thinking and enabling literally kills people. Take for example this fuckstick Robert Young, massive promoter of the alkaline diet (a bullshit fad diet, wanna debate me on this, let’s fucking go🤷🏼‍♂️). This piece of work made millions and millions convincing them that the alkaline diet could cure basically everything. To the point where he convinced people to forgo normal cancer treatments to use the alkaline diet and get IV injections of sodium bicarbonate. People died. . He didn’t talk about those people ironically. Just his anecdotes of people he ‘cured.’ 🙄. What were his credentials? He is a ‘naturopath’ (ie garbage degree peddled by predatory ‘universities’). . This man’s ‘opinions’ caused people to die. He was found liable for the deaths and illnesses of some of them and ordered to pay $105 million. He complained that it was too much money 🙄. . So when you see me get upset about people who make absolute bullshit claims and say shit like ‘they aren’t hurting anyone...’ just stop. Yes they are. Misinformation to make money is unethical especially when it involves people’s health. . Fuck this guy. Fuck scammers like him. And fuck anyone who defends them. Your defense and enabling is the same thing as approving their scamming. So fuck you too. . You may not like me and that’s fine. But the fact of the matter is I actually give a shit and am very passionate about trying to help people and the number of people who have been physically, financially, and emotionally broken by these pieces of shit promising magic absolutely enrages me. I talk to them every day and their stories are heart breaking. Most don’t stand up for themselves for fear of retribution from the cult followers of these mental midgets. . This is why I and others like me stand up for these people and call this kind of bullshit when we see it. Because maybe, just maybe, we will save someone from it. . Fuck you scammers. I’m coming for you. Absolutely no mercy on you.
10,117 | December 3, 2018

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