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Amanda Gist Social Profile

Amanda Gist

Los Angeles
Actress ditching Hollywood's bullshit standards. Eating disorder recovery, mental health, body image, suicide prevention #healthoverhollywood

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Amanda Gist's Top Content

5/365 | #thisisrecovery365 . There's a new hashtag that says #weightgainiscool & I've been sort of wanting to participate in it but then also not wanting to participate because of this pesky little thing where I-swore-I'd-be-honest-on-my-social-media-&-I-actually-don't-think-my-weight-gain-is-very-cool-I-think-it's-really-really-scary. And dangerous. As in, eating disorders that morph from one into another into another, which is super characteristic of EDs, are really, really fucking dangerous. . Then tonight I found myself on the brink of skipping my 12 step meeting because, well, snow. And when I bundled up anyway & put on my boots and my parka and snow suit and family got me there even through 625,894,285 feet of white shit on the ground (thanks @lavenderhorses) it reminded me that it would've been so, SO easy to skip. But I didn't. I was there. All....... two of us. And it was perfect. And like I tell you guys a million times a day, this is the work. Showing up. . I'm not a picture of recovered. I'm a picture of recovery. The one with the y. As in, 'the process of.' . And maybe mine doesn't look like other people's recovery but I'm still allowed to post in #weightgainiscool. Because this is a clear picture of weight gain from a time when I was bouncing between 98-104ish lbs depending on the day, to now. And eventually, there'll be a third picture to add to the right. A picture of a woman who's been to the hell they call treatment & recovery and made it out. Who's full of strength, recovery, Health, hope, gratitude. And who's cool regardless of gain, loss, or maintenance. As are you. And so it is. #eatingdisorderrecovery #healthoverhollywood #mentalhealth #bodypositive
2,095 | January 6, 2017
Today in 2012 I was 2 days out from a runway show where my wardrobe was a dress/gown/thing Completely. Made. From. Latex (for the love of God, don't ask how I got myself into some of the shit I did...no good answer). . What with the latex & all, I'd cut my diet down to coffee & trail mix since my fitting. Oh, also the wine I had the night before when I met a friend I hadn't seen in awhile for drinks who greeted me, "Um, hi Ms. My-Thighs-Don't-Touch!" I remember so clearly the excitement & smugness washing over me, as if it was my greatest accomplishment to date. I brushed it off & acted humble & embarrassed while inside I was bouncing around like a 3 month old puppy. . Instead of almonds, coffee, thighs that don't touch - today, 4 years later (although it feels like a million years & like yesterday simultaneously) I saw a Christmas musical at the theater with my mommy @lavenderhorses, where I drank a Shirley Temple & ate lots of chocolate. Also, laughed & smiled & sparkled & felt joyful & all warm & fuzzy & alive inside. . Then I had a big Mexican dinner with company where I ate maybe a little itty bit too much BUT enjoyed every bite & refrained from the negative self-talk afterward about how huge & disgusting I am, and how no one'll ever want me & on and on and on. . Instead, I came home & took the picture you see on the right. The one where I'm content & smiling despite the cellulite I'm still learning to accept, the stretch marks I've battled for years & the chubby thighs, where a "gap" used to be. . I realize that now, 4 years later, I am still here. I'm still beautiful. I am still worth afternoons at the theater & company at dinner. I'm still lovable. And enough. And worthy. And again- still HERE. Alive. When I likely wouldn't be had I continued on the path I was back then. . I trust I'll keep learning as I work through my past. For now, I'll take tonight's lesson & allow it to soak in. And maybe it'll help you too. . PS I'd take us ALL to dinner and the theater together if we could. No, seriously. Shirley Temples for everybody
1,210 | December 19, 2016
WHY I SAY FUCK VS FASHION SHOW: A (self) love story... . 1. Because for the love of God the woman on the right needs to truly, genuinely learn to believe she is as valuable, worthy, beautiful, feminine, sexy, important as the one on the left. . 2. Because the woman on the right will always, ALWAYS be healthier, even overweight & most likely pre-hypertensive, than the one on the left - who was in the process of killing herself. . 3. Because the woman on the right is working hard toward recovery, while that one on the left was working hard at losing 15 more lbs so she'd fit into the sample sizes for VS catalog castings. . 4. Because the woman on the right is now capable of identifying her eating disorder triggers, while the one on the left stopped eating for a total of 73 hours after the first time she met a VS Angel in person. True story. . 5. Because if the woman on the right is going to invest time into anything involving women's bodies, it better be empowering as fuck & break every. single. solitary stereotype that's ever perpetuated toxic, bullshit standards on the female body. And @victoriassecret simply does not live up to that standard. . So Tonight, I honor the girl on the left because she fought her way through those years & managed to come out alive. . And, I also honor the woman on the right because she now knows better. Oh and also, she's trying to do something about it. . Please, please, please, I beg you to honor yourself tonight too. Turn off the TV. Change the channel. Move to Antarctica where the fashion show doesn't air. Whatever you have to do. Please. Separate yourself from the toxicity seeping through the screen that refuses to celebrate all women, with all bodies, of all sizes & shapes. . Because you are enough. As is. #healthoverhollywood #eatingdisorderrecovery #vsfashionshow #vs
1,074 | December 6, 2016
This is me. At my heaviest. Tonight. . This is me after nearly 2 decades of destroying my body. . This is me, 20 years after my earliest memory of body consciousness: depriving it of nutrition so it would be lighter, therefore fly higher, in my gymnastics class. . This is me, after duct taping my hips in middle school, as tightly as I could, constricting my organs into a smaller space than they were intended for. So I would look 'leaner.' . This is me after my first job at a sub shop at age 15 & my discovery that food had the ability to numb any & all pain I felt. And it was legal. . This is me, after decades of restricting, to the point of routinely passing out. This intermingled with force-vomiting my food, to the point of scars on my knuckles that remind me daily where I've come from & how dangerous I'd become to myself. . This is me after fueling my body with ephedra-caffeine stacks each time my work or audition flow slowed down. This, followed by regular binging that filled the empty space where my dignity had been when I'd lose 10 more lbs & auditions for "hot stripper" did, in fact, pick up. Like clockwork. . This is me, after years of being too fat. Too curvy. Too flabby. Too fair-skinned. Too tall, too thin, too fresh-faced, too wholesome, not enough slutty, too brunette, too voluptuous, too many stretch marks, too self-conscious, too confident, not confident enough, too toned, not athletic enough, too heavy, too thick, too small, & way too fucking sick & passionate & young to realize the self-destructive, debilitating spiral being created. . And, this is me, after my income no longer depends upon the size of my waist. . After binging & purging turned to mostly just binging. . After the ephedra pills, heart palpitations, passing out, & paychecks all stopped. . After destroying myself. . This is what's left. . This is me. . And she is beautiful, because she's a fighter. Because she's still here. Because she's found something inside her that outweighs the skin & bones & body fat percentage she lives in. Because she's still learning, trying, failing, succeeding, falling down, and getting back up. . This is me. #healthoverhollywood #eatingdisorderrecovery
881 | November 26, 2016

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