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Amanda Arlauskas Social Profile

Amanda Arlauskas

NBC's The Biggest Loser season 8 finalist (down 114 lbs), 26.2 mile marathon finisher, motivational speaker, lover and enthusiast of life. Faithful believer.

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Instagram Post
Plastic surgery changed my life and I'll forever be the biggest advocate for it. While it's not for everyone, it is for me. I'm proud of every single scar on my body. Weight loss did a number on my body. I had sagging skin pretty much everywhere. To date, I've had a 360 degree tummy tuck, a brachioplasty (arm lift - pictured above) and a breast lift and augmentation. ALL of this after losing over 100 lbs. It has taken me over 7 years to have everything done because obviously it's something you need to prepare for, but the wait was so worth it. I'm fiercely passionate about men and women loving their bodies, and nothing excites me more than meeting someone who wants to change their body in positive ways. Do you want piercings/tattoos to make you happy? Go for it! Do you want to lose/gain weight to make you feel better? Do it! Do you want to nip and tuck areas of skin that are hanging and leaving you with tons of insecurities? I support you 1000%! We are so so quick to judge each other for what we choose to do to our bodies. As long as it's not unhealthy, DO YOU! Do what makes you happy always. Everyone else will always have an opinion, but for me, plastic surgery did indeed change my life. I'll forever support and be motivated by those on a similar journey because I know physically, mentally and emotionally what it has done for me. I'm a happier, more confident person because of it. THANK YOU to Dr Pyle of @davisandpyleplasticsurgery for giving me arms that I no longer have to hide. Are they perfect? No, but they're mine. They've been through hell and back and I love them!!! #plasticsurgery #davisandpyleplasticsurgery #raleigh #ncplasticsurgery #beforeandafter #brachioplasty #selfconfidence #excessskin #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #biggestloser
7,238 | May 4, 2017
Instagram Post
This is scary, but real life. The top photo was right before surgery in July/2016 and the bottom photo was a few months later once the incision closed. My scars have faded more and are continuing to fade over time. This surgery was one that was a long time coming. Losing over 100 lbs 8 years ago left me with extra skin in places I didn't want it. I had it on my tummy, arms, thighs, and other areas in between. It takes a lot for me to be vulnerable enough to show this, but I'm just trying to be honest. Social media is easy to be used to show nothing but the good stuff, the happy stuff, the pretty stuff, the fun stuff...but why is the real stuff so hard for us to post? Most people didn't realize my arms had as much excess skin on them as they did, but that's because I was a master at hiding it. I covered them as much as possible and was a pro at posing in a way that my arms weren't as noticeable. I was so insecure over them. Last year I finally decided it was time to pursue finding the right surgeon to take on the skin removal surgery. I'll forever be grateful for Dr Pyle and his incredible staff at @davisandpyleplasticsurgery in Raleigh, NC for doing such a fantastic job on my arms. When I look back, I can't believe my arms were ever like that, but I'm incredibly grateful for the skin removal that gave my arms such an amazing shape. No matter the amount of fat loss and weight training I did, I would have never been able to achieve this without surgery. I know that surgery isn't realistic for everyone, but please know that this is MY journey and this is what I had to do for myself. I waited over 7 years to be able to have this surgery for myself. Don't feel like it is impossible or not within reach because it is - anything is possible if you put the time, work and dedication in to it. #brachioplasty #weightloss #beforeandafter #excessskin #biggestloser #plasticsurgery #raleigh #raleighplasticsurgeon #davisandpyleplasticsurgery
3,684 | February 23, 2017

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thebiggestlosercasting.com weightforlovecasting.com diet.bt fitfluential.com shape.com beta.active.com on.self.com runnersworld.com
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