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Alex Rodríguez Social Profile

Alex Rodríguez

United States
I'm the author of 'Digital BACON' (@DigiBaconBook). I help #business sizzle online. #DigitalMarketing specialist in #launch for brands, products, and ideas.

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Marketing, Business, Social Media
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United States
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Instagram Post
Aquí está LA real foto que deseo compartir para mi aniversario 18 de matrimonio con @yochava. Lugar, Santo Domingo, Universidad APEC, edificio de arte. (En verano del 2016 pudimos visitar de nuevo y tomarnos esta foto.) Año, 1994. Ella subía, yo bajaba, y nos cruzamos la mirada y nos saludamos por primera vez. ¿Amor a primera vista? Nah, no creo. Una morena bella, definitivamente. Pero por lo que hemos aprendido del amor, es que esto requiere profundidad y dedicación emocional, física e intelectual, y sólo cuando se prueba en el fuego es que se sabe si es amor de verdad o no. Me parece ilógico creer que la torre que hemos levantado a través de 18 años (mas 4 años de fundamento de noviazgo encima de esos) se pueda construir con sólo una mirada. Los que estén en desacuerdo o me pongan en duda, que me discutan cuando lleguen o pasen de 216 meses contínuos, unidos sin disolución, y luego les escucharé. Pero sí, con esa mirada y en este lugar inició nuestra historia juntos. Y aquí estamos. Te amo, Chava. ::::::::::: This is a picture we took last summer, while we visited the university in Santo Domingo, DR, where Chava and I met for the very first time. It was in these exact staircases that we crossed eyes for the very first time. Seemed like the right picture to post for our 18th anniversary! This wasn't love at first sight, but I really don't believe in that. It takes much more than a look to call it "love". We've fought hard battles and won them all with the Lord's help... And here we are. We have no pretenses of being perfect, absolutely not. Believe me, there's a ton more to learn and grow, even after so much time together. But to be quite honest, most people that put being married down have never been where we are. IF there is love, IF there's respect, and IF both people's purposes are in alignment, I can safely say it's absolutely worth it. Our two awesome kids are just cherry on the top. Love you, Chava. P.S.: The Spanish side of this post is not the same as the English side. I did it on purpose. Use your auto-translate if you're curious and want to learn an additional dimension of my thoughts, or not. Whichever, it's cool. I app
99 | January 14, 2017

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United States
Dominican Republic
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New York
Santo Domingo

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