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Alicia Rose Social Profile

Alicia Rose

Los Angeles
Get that life that makes you happy every moment ✌️

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Instagram Post
Yesterday I posted about a new workout I tried and got so many texts, fb messages, DMs, etc. from friends saying that they're so impressed, motivated, shocked (lolz me too y'all) at my fit game etc. etc. but the common lines from everyone was that they wish they could a. look at anything the way I look at #soulcycle and b. have the time to workout. I can't stress enough that you will always make more money but you'll never make more time (learned that from my ride or die @pixopatomus) so you have to plan your life AROUND your workouts, not your workout around your life, because otherwise you'll always prioritize something else before your own mental and physical well-being. And if you're married to an injury or a fear, toughen up!! There isnt a single workout in LA (or anywhere) that you have to be a pro athlete to do - you can take anything at your own pace. And nobody will judge you, honestly people don't care that much, they're working out for themselves not to see who in the class can keep up. I always used my heart condition as an excuse not to work out- until someone called me out on it. And if you feel like they are judgy, come to my spots because the people that workout with me are the most successful ($30 a pop means you gotta be hustling to hang but if you can't afford it we will help you figure it out), kind, dedicated, motivating, inspiring, eclectic, diversified humans and there's good matches for all personality types. So anyways moral of this super long InstaPSA: just do it. If I can do it, so can you. And yeah it's a lot of work (!! but honest work creates honest results!!), and eating healthy and not drinking as much isn't super fun always but actually it's way better and a way better fun that I never knew I wanted or needed
1,746 | October 5, 2016

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