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Abhinav Chandel Social Profile

Abhinav Chandel

Just another guy doing the usual things.

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Photography, Travel, Dreamer
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Abhinav Chandel's Top Content

Noor . There's this desperation that bubbles up within me making me pen down each of my thoughts, each of my stories, spill all my secrets to you, the ones I'd have loved to keep hidden inside me and the surprising part is, even when I spill them to you they still continue to be my secrets, as if we're nothing but an extension of each other. . Noor. I've spent many a nights alone, sleeping under the stars in my balcony, joining dots in the sky wondering what do they mean, and building figures of light in the darkness, and it was then I had learned that Noor means light. And the word started fascinating me, and I always wondered if light truly exists for me as well. . It's a thought that always haunted me, made me wonder if light ever existed for me, if love that I believed in, existed for me as well or not. And these thoughts remained with me for years, and so I kept pushing myself to work more, to distract myself from being sucked into all the misery I experienced throughout the life. And then you happened Noor. You happened. . I still lay under the stars, I still make shapes out of them, I still wonder what it means to truly love someone and truly be loved by someone. But now I am no longer haunted by my own emotions and questions, I find myself answering them or listening to that voice within me. . And with every question answered, I find you coming closer to me, as if it was all destined, as if the Noor I wrote about was supposed to arrive and help me out through my struggles. . And so now that you're here Noor, I must tell you that while making shapes out of every star in the sky, I asked for that same wish from every shooting star that passed by my vision, and now when I see you, I find each of those wishes coming true. . And that's what you feel like Noor, you feel like the light every fulfilled wish brings to pierce through the darkness. . And Noor, this light seems to be getting brighter with every passing moment. . . . #alittlebitofnoor
6,054 | May 29, 2017
And then Noor arrived at my doorstep. . I didn't know what to say, or how to react as she stood there, laughing at me while the people around us were constantly staring at this scene where one soul was full of happiness, and the other revelled in utter disbelief. . And this was the evening when clouds scattered away and the mountain peaks were visible for us to see, and those peaks could see us too, standing there, hugging and kissing each other while her bags were lying nearby, we didn't care about them, or anything else. . For that's the thing about love, when it arrives, it comes in such a beautiful way that you finally start realising the universe always writes a better story than you ever can. . So maybe that's the thing we always forget, as Noor once said, that love exists for us, and it does in the purest of forms, waiting to catch hold of us the moment we let it arrive at our doorstep. . And yes it will have the capacity to shock the shit out of you, and while you'll be staring at it in utter disbelief, your heart will finally speak and tell you how deep inside you always knew that this will happen, that it'll arrive in such a simple manner that you won't have any other option but to just hold it in your arms and finally let all your demons leave your household. . You'll be free my friends, for that's what I was when she stood there with her backpack, the girl who ended up at my doorstep to surprise me before I could've done that for her. . For I always believed how could anyone ever love me with the same intensity as I'd love them. . "And that's the problem with you Abhinav, you think a bit too much," Noor would then whisper in my ears. . Noor, the one who finally took that road, which lead to nowhere but me. . . . #alittlebitofnoor
5,712 | May 31, 2017
Who is Noor? . A lot of you have been asking me this particular question, whether on Instagram, or on mails, or Facebook, or even a lot of times when I meet people in person. . So the truth is, Noor means light. And there's no one in my life called Noor(or maybe there is, but that's an interesting story for some other day) . But Noor is an idea. An idea which leads you on an exploration of love, and it's a series I began with after a painful breakup, and it started as a series to distract myself from all those depressing thoughts back in July 2016. . And as the time went by I realised that I had a lot of resentment for people who broke my heart, irrespective of how many beautiful memories they gave me otherwise. . So the series became a sort of thank you to all those women who came in my life in the form of love(and then left), thanking them for what they taught me about love. . So yes a good part of Noor series is based on my past experiences, it's real. Where I sort of acknowledge the beautiful memories they gave me. . And a part of it, the completely fictional part, is where I explore my own ideas of love, which I've had throughout my life, going back in time and exploring what love once meant to me. . And that's what came together for Noor series, where I learned to just be in love with or without any person in my life, where I understood more about love. And thus Noor became that imaginary girlfriend that brought some light into my darkness, and hence the name. . So is there a Noor in my life? . I would say there is, or maybe there isn't any. And that's where the fun lies, where you keep guessing, and I keep having a good laugh. . But in between all this, Noor stories happen, and I really want to thank you all for reading them, because it's not the person that matters, but the purity of love which does, and the fact that if you've felt it or not. . While Noor taught me about love, I also learned in the process that love continues to exist independent of Noor herself. And that's the most important lesson that I can derive from the Noor series. . For I believe that if Noor was around, she'd have said the same thing. . . . #alittlebitofnoor
5,472 | April 30, 2017

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