Slack Integration

Create a Klear slack channel for seamless communication and collaboration
January 1st, 2022

Create a #klear_updates Slack Channel!

We understand how much transparent communication impacts a successful campaign. That’s why Klear’s collaboration capabilities ensure hassle-free communication with your influencers and an interface that allows the entire team to stay updated. To ensure that you can collaborate as easily as possible, we are launching an exciting new Slack integration that lets you communicate with your influencers and teammates directly from Slack.

How It Works
First, go to Settings and then select the Integration Tab. There you will see an option for Slack.

Slack Integration.png

Next, click Connect. This will direct you to the Slack interface, where you will be asked to select your workspace.

You will then need to grant Klear permission for the integration. Once you have approved a new slack channel: #klear_updates will be created and you will have added.

Slack Integration-2.png

Enjoy the Same Klear Functionally, Through Slack

With this new Slack channel, you no longer have to jump between tools to answer a message, approve content, or brainstorm with teammates. All “Klear” communication can be done on Slack.

Here are a few examples:

Direct Messages
When an influencer sends a direct message it will now appear in your Slack channel. You click on the message and answer from Klear. Or you can respond directly from Slack. The influencer will see your response as a regular Klear Direct Message.

Content Approval
When a new content submission has been sent, it will also appear in your Slack channel. Just like a message, you can approve, deny, and send feedback about a content submission from Slack.

Team Collaboration
What’s great about a Klear Slack channel, is all of the relevant stakeholders can all be on the same line of communication. So, if an influencer submits content you can easily chat on Slack about the submission, or you can follow another line of communication and always stay in the loop.

Slack Integration-3.png

Communicate With Ease

We all know what it’s like to bounce between multiple tools. With the Slack integration, we hope further centralizing your communication will allow for more timely responses, team transparency, and full visibility over your campaigns.

**Currently you can only connect one Slack workspace to Klear.