Estimated Rates For Influencers

Receive unique pricing estimation when vetting influencers
September 28th, 2021

Predict Your Influencer’s Rates.

Budgeting for an upcoming influencer campaign can be a daunting task. Each influencer is unique so it can be hard to predict the exact amount they will ask for when entering a collaboration.

In the past, we have provided useful tools to help marketers estimate appropriate rates for an upcoming campaign in the form of an influencer marketing rate card.

Now, we are enhancing our abilities with a new Estimated Rates feature, which uses our own Machine Learning technology to predict each influencers’ unique rates across Instagram Images, Stories, and Videos.

Estimate Campaign Budget

When vetting your influencer, Klear offers a diverse range of influencer metrics that will allow you to determine if an influencer is the right fit for your camping. All of these metrics are available in the influencer profile.

Estimated influencer price.png

These metrics now include estimated rates, which uses machine learning to predict the prices for Instagram social media posts for three different post types: image, story, video. Our machine learning model is trained on thousands of receivers and data factors including; post type, follower count, audience strength, country, audience engagement, and more. All of which estimate unique suggested rates for each influencer, enabling you to predict your upcoming campaign budget.

How It Works

When on an influencer’s Klear Profile, you have a huge array of influencer insights at your fingertips to help you select the perfect influencer for a campaign.

In the “Insights” section, there is a new metric that offers estimated rates of an influencer. Hover over the pricing data, and see the suggested rates for all Instagram content types; Image, Story, and Video.

All rates are calculated using Klear’s Machine Learning technology and should provide benchmark estimations when entering a negotiation with your influencer.