Enhanced Campaign PDF Reports

Share campaign insights and content
February 4th, 2021

Running a successful influencer marketing campaign is a serious undertaking. From finding, vetting, and managing your influencers to measuring campaign impact. It’s important that you have a tool that supports you every step of the way.

Klear’s campaign reporting capabilities are unparalleled, offering macro and granular impact on a campaign’s performance. Now, we are enhancing our report capabilities with new data that is visualized to show campaign success at first glance.

What’s new on the reports?

Campaign’s Summary

An easy to digest slide summarizing your entire campaign. This includes total and per post metrics, average audience information, ROI, and best-performing campaign content.

PDF Revision.png

Audience Demographics

Share detailed information about the people who viewed your campaign content. This includes audience gender, age, location, and interests.

PDF Revision-1.png

Top Performing Posts

Show the most engaging posts of your campaign. Those are the posts that generated the most engagement and reached the most people. Top performing content is a great way to understand which posts your audience is likely to connect with.

PDF Revision-2.png

Want to see an example of a full report? It’s waiting right here.