Klear is committed to data privacy

Klear is and has always been committed to protecting personal data that is used to power its products and services, and to making sure that we and our customers comply with all relevant privacy obligations.

What main operations involve the processing of Customer’s and Influencers’ personal data?

Klear processes personal data in three ways:

  • Klear Influencer Data
  • CRM-Stored Influencer Data
  • Customer Data

Klear Influencer Data

Klear Influencer Data is information about social media influencers. This information is collected and aggregated from publicly available data on the Internet, it is indexed, ranked, organized and analyzed using Klear’s proprietary techniques and algorithms. With respect to this category of personal data, Klear is the data controller. Klear has been working closely with legal counsel, in an effort to ensure that it meets its obligations as a data controller with respect to this component of personal data. For Klear, the significant value created by its influencer marketing platform not only for its customers, but also for the influencers themselves, is the legitimate interest for which it collects and processes influencer data.

CRM-Stored Influencer Data

CRM-Stored Influencer Data is information the Klear customer inputs into the customer’s Klear account in the form of notes and other attributes about particular influencers. This information is viewable only by the customer that inputs the notes, is not accessible by Klear’s other customers, and does not become part of Klear’s general platform. With respect to this data, Klear is a data processor, and the customer that inputs this data into the customer’s account is the data controller. If you are a Klear customer, we are happy to execute a data processing agreement.

Customer Data

Customer Data is the information about each Klear customer and its employees that Klear collects in order to be able to provide its service to the Klear customer. This typically includes user name, sign up/login details and is used to provide our Platform to our customers’ users.

Klear does not approach the GDPR as a one-time exercise. Instead, we believe in ongoing compliance, which is why we will periodically revisit our strategy and adjust it to the guidelines published by the relevant data protection authorities as well as to new rules and standards. You can read more about our privacy practices in our privacy notice available at https://klear.com/legal/privacy. If you have further questions, please contact us at privacy@klear.com.