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Chapter 5: Measuring Campaign Success

Use data-driven metrics to analyze the impact of your campaign

Importance of Analyzing Campaign Impact

Identifying Areas of Success

Before your campaign is live, it is important to identify success indicators. These are metrics that will be used to measure the impact of your campaign and influencer collaborations. Your campaign KPIs are dependent on the goals of your campaign. For example, if your goal is sales, a relevant KPI would be conversions. Or, if your campaign goal is brand exposure, Content Impressions would help understand how much exposure your campaign got.

Identifying Areas of Improvement

Setting success metrics also is helpful for understanding how your influencer marketing strategy is improving and what areas need further attention. If you have noticed past campaigns lacking in specific areas, set this as a KPI for future campaigns so you use data to assess how your strategy is improving.

Evaluate budget for future campaigns

Data-driven KPI assessment is extremely helpful when budgeting for future campaigns. By evaluating the granular impact of a specific influencer you can assess how your spending is affecting campaign results. Additionally, by identifying influencers with strong ROI, you can understand which performance metrics should be emphasized when vetting future partners.

Aggregating Content

Why campaigns use #hashtags

Hashtags come hand in hand with influencer marketing campaigns. They are great for creating catchphrases that are synonymous and memorable to your campaign. And, useful for identifying all campaign-related content in order to aggregate and measure.

Manually aggregating content vs. automatic aggregation

In order to measure the impact of your campaign, you must aggregate all of the relevant campaign content. There is a method of manually aggregating content. Which required manually screenshotting and saving all content, and can be very time-consuming. Alternatively, you can use influencer marketing technology to automatically aggregate your content.


With Klear, you can track your campaign by adding the relevant influencers and setting a relevant #hashtag, keyword, or @mention, and any content using the set parameter will be automatically aggregated and analyzed.

Aggregating time-sensitive content (Instagram Stories)

If your campaign includes multiple content formats, including time-sensitive content such as Instagram Stories, it’s important to have a strategic method for tracking and aggregating. As Instagram Stories will disappear after 24 hours, it can be easy to miss the content, especially if you are collaborating with multiple influencers. Klear’s sophisticated technology will automatically save all relevant campaign data, including Instagram Stories. So, even if the content is not live, you can still view it on Klear and review the performance metrics.

Campaign Reporting

What is an Influencer Campaign Report?

An Influencer campaign report is a data-driven aggregation of a campaign’s content that offers macro and granular insights into the performance of the campaign. It is common to create campaign reports at the end of a campaign to review a campaign’s impact and to share successes with relevant stakeholders.

Klear automatically aggregates all campaign content into a campaign report which breaks down a campaign’s impact by the individual influencer. All reports can be downloaded as a PDF or an editable Google Slide/

What should be in a campaign report

A campaign report should include all the content that appeared in your campaign across all mediums. In order to measure the content, the report should include relevant metrics that align with the goals of your campaign. All of Klear’s campaign reports include Impressions generated by the campaign and individual influencers, as well as the Earned Media Value of the campaign and individual posts.

Sharing Campaign Report

Campaign reports are meant to highlight your campaign performance, so they should be digestible, easy on the eye, and easy to share. Sharing a report is extremely important because it lets all the relevant decision-makers understand the success of your campaign. Whether you’re an agency sharing a campaign report with clients, or a brand sharing your work with the rest of your team, having a data-driven method to highlight success will provide confidence in our stakeholders and help build lasting relationships.

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