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Chapter 7: Create an Influencer Market Plan

Outline your goals and strategy for all upcoming campaigns

Influencer Marketing Plan

What is an Influencer Marketing Plan

An influencer marketing plan is a perfect resource for setting brand goals. It will help you determine how to benchmark against your competitors, set relevant KPIs, and nurture all influencer relationships. Influencer marketing plans should be created annually and used as a method for creating aligned expectations between you and your stakeholders.

How to Make an Influencer Marketing Plan

Writing an influencer marketing plan requires setting your goals and expectations for your upcoming influencer marketing campaigns.

1. Spend

What is your estimated Influencer Marketing budget for the upcoming year?


2. Campaign Output

How many campaigns do you expect to produce?


3. Influencer Relations

How many influencers do you expect to collaborate with per/campaign and annually?


4. Values

What brand values will be promoted through your campaigns

[sustainability, environmentalism]

5. Target Audience

What are the target demographics you are trying to reach?

[Gen Z, UK, Female]

6. Platforms and Content Formats

Which social media platform and content formats are you looking to optimize?

[TikTok and Instagram Live]

7. Goals

What is the objective of the campaign, what are you trying to achieve?

[Brand Awareness]

8. Vetting Metric

What metrics will you use to identify potential collaborators?

[Audience demographics, TikTik engagements, Past collaborations]

9. Campaign KPIs

How will you measure the impact of your campaigns?


Share Your Influencer Marketing Plan

Once your influencer marketing plan is finalized, share your goals with your team and stakeholders. Having a conscience document that outlines your plan will establish trust, transparency, and aligned expectation. All of which are the foundation for a successful influencer marketing strategy.

Get Started on Your Influencer Journey

Now that you’ve learned the basics of influencer marketing and you’ve created your influencer marketing plan it’s time to get started with your first campaign. Klear is here to support you during every stage of your influencer marketing experience, from influencer discovery to campaign measure. Schedule a call with one of our influencer marketing experts and learn how Klear can support your brand goals.

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