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Centralize Influencer Communication

Say goodbye to messy email threads, DMs, and communication roadblocks. Klear Connect is an integrated messaging feature, that acts as a hub for all influencer communication and collaboration.

With Connect, directly invite influencers to join a campaign, share campaign briefs, and direct message with an in-app messaging tool. All communication is automatically saved within the chat feed, for complete transparency between you and your influencers.

Keep Everything Organized

All campaigns are organized by the relevant influencers, offering a granular understanding. Open a campaign and see where each influencer stands at a glance. Easily identify which tasks have been completed, and which require more focus.

Let Klear develop your project management and collaboration strategy. Understand what is causing roadblocks, and plan better for the future.

Track Campaign Status

Monitor and manage campaign assets from start to finish. Easily prioritize tasks, never miss deadlines, and keep the team aligned.

With a fully integrated CRM, run your influencer campaign with confidence. No more guessing, all the data is right at your fingertips.

Share Coupon Codes and Tracking Links

Automatically generate customizable coupon codes and tracking links that can be shared directly with your influencers.

All conversions and clicks are automatically tracked by Klear, and data is aggregated and added to your campaign report.

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