You Are in Charge

Effortlessly manage influencer relationships at every step of your campaign.

Want more control in your campaigns?

In-app Communication
Organize Campaigns
Track Campaigns

Centralized Influencer Communication

Say goodbye to messy email threads, DMs and communication roadblocks.
Simplify your influencer communications with an integrated messaging tool.
Directly invite influencers, share briefs and message all in-app.

Keeping Your Campaigns Organized

Project manage multiple influencer campaigns in one platform.
Easily identify completed tasks and the ones that require some attention.
Get a snapshot of where each influencer stands at a glance.

Confidently Run Campaigns

A fully integrated CRM to run influencer campaigns with confidence.
No more guessing, all the data is right at your fingertips.
Simply monitor and manage all of your campaign assets from start to finish.


Message and share briefs with content creators all from inside the platform.


Keep track of your influencer roster and campaign execution at scale.


Cover all your operational tasks, even shipping products, within the platform.