ROI that's Klear

Track and attribute sales, revenue and costs to find your true ROI.

Want to supercharge your next influencer campaign?

Defined ROI
Track Campaigns
Instant Reports
Streamline Sales
Performance Metrics

Tangible Influencer ROI

ROI estimation capabilities that work on a micro and macro level.
Understand your ROI on a campaign level or break down more granularly by individual influencer.
Utilize data to optimize spend for your next campaign.

Seamless Campaign Tracking

Track unlimited @brand mentions, #hashtags or keywords.
Never miss content published by your influencers with real-time notifications.
All influencer content is automatically saved to Klear, so you can view it any time.

Ready-Made Reports

Chart macro and granular impact from influencer campaigns.
Visualize data that summarizes your entire campaign.
Report on total and per-post metrics, average audience information, ROI, best-performing content and more.

Simplify Your Sales Process

Track sales and pay affiliates directly through your Klear Pay account, with fees calculated automatically.
Understand the impact of your collaboration with aggregated sales-related data by influencer.

Metrics That Matter

Uncover and analyze the impact of your influencer budget.
Relative KPIs to compare influencer marketing to other marketing channels.
Identify the type of influencer and type of content that is most cost-effective for your brand.


Track key KPIs such as budget, spend, revenue, conversions, media value and more to uncover true ROI.


Automated ROI reporting for client satisfaction, detailing the success of influencer marketing campaigns and entire influencer programs.


Track and analyze your influencer marketing ROI with robust analytics tools that go deeper into what drives campaign success.