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Klear offers the tools you need to perform a complete influencer analysis.

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Insights only Klear Can Give You

Use the Klear Influencer Score to identify users with the highest level of influence. Powered by a sophisticated AI-algorithm, Klear looks at dozens of metrics to generate a 0-100 score which quantifies a user’s influence.

With the only influencer score on the market, Klear’s accredited AI technology ensures you partner with influencers who drive the most impact. Use the Klear Score to add 7x more accuracy to your influencer selection strategy.

Advanced Audience Demographics

Get a 360° view of your influencer’s audience to ensure your influencer’s network aligns with brand goals. Klear’s comprehensive audience demographics are segmented by age, gender, location, and interest.

Through a combination of 1st party data and inferred demographics, you’ll be able to get the widest available view of an influencer’s audience.

Our Data is On Trend

Klear’s comprehensive tool ensures you receive data that is relevant and on-trend. From Instagram Stories to TikTok, review influencer performance across the leading social networks.

Social trends come and go, but with Klear, you don’t have to worry about missing the latest hype. Review individual influencer profiles, and review past content across all the top social platforms.

Ensure Value Alignment

With Klear’s Brand Safety feature, identify influencers that support your brand values. Thus ensuring that you are collaborating with creators who will drive your brand message and create a positive impact.

Set filtered keywords and perform a safety audit to check if any past content contradicts your brand ethos.

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