Activate Your Influencers

Invite, message, collaborate and contract all from one platform.

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Easy Onboarding
Unified Platform
Manage Content
Real-time Metrics
Contracts & Payments

Onboard Influencers with Ease

Simplify onboarding with customizable campaign briefs.
You're in control of all the details, from campaign guidelines to inspirational content mood boards.

One Place for Everything

Invite, message, collaborate and contract all from one in-app messaging tool.
Stay in touch with your influencers 24/7.
No more messy email threads for transactions like agreements, payments and content approval.

Verify Content Before it Goes Live

Align, review and approve all influencer content before your audience sees it.
Provide content feedback and maintain communication during the entire influencer collaboration.

Real-time Metrics at Your Fingertips.

Auto-generated custom coupon codes and tracking links shared directly with your influencers.
Conversions and clicks are recorded to create ready-to-share campaign reports.

Payments Made Easy

Directly send your contracts and easily receive e-signatures filed in the platform.
Pay influencers directly through Klear - supporting 97 currencies and multiple payment methods including ACH, check, wire and PayPal.


From finding the right influencers to communicating with your influencers, Klear provides all the tools you need to nurture authentic brand relationships.


Activate new influencers or plug-and-play existing creators you already work with


No more bouncing between social platforms, ecommerce software, and email inboxes