How Yves Rocher Unlocks the Secrets of Measuring Influencer Campaign Success

Discover how beauty brand Yves Rocher uses Klear for measuring influencer campaign success in a regional market.

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Influencer marketing is never without complexities, but measuring influencer campaign success adds extra layers to navigate. The first hurdle: Adding a regional aspect to the mix means learning the nuances between audiences. A saturated industry further complicates the process, as does a large number of potential influencers from which to choose. For beauty brand Yves Rocher, using influencers was the path forward into the Asian market, but their approach was quickly met with inefficiencies, uncertainty, and a lack of scalability. 

Here’s how Klear helped them chart a new course and find real opinion leaders who made a difference.

The Challenge: Maintaining Brand Alignment While Working with Multiple Influencers

Standing out in a crowded market requires innovation and creativity — two qualities already baked into the brand’s DNA. Yves Rocher could display both with the use of influencers and their user-generated content. However, all that outside-the-box thinking comes with a few challenges, particularly in terms of maintaining brand alignment. 

With multiple influencers each creating their own content, the brand needed to maintain a consistent voice and image. Choosing the right influencers who already shared many of the brand’s qualities would enable this alignment, but a lack of data made selection challenging.

Without data, the brand relied on things like audience size, engagement rate, and other stats that were available to the naked eye. These stats needed to be extracted manually, which was a time-consuming process. It didn’t give them granularity into an influencer’s true influence, nor did it allow them to explore all possible options. 

One final layer of complexity was the need to hire influencers to cater to different markets. With a team in a central regional office, they needed ways to connect with consumers in smaller communities. Refining influencer options became a necessity, so the brand turned to Klear to capitalize on deeper data insights.

The Solution: Use Klear to Find, Vet, and Track Influencer Performance

Klear’s all-in-one influencer marketing platform gave Yves Rocher a transparent way to find relevant influencers that fit very specific criteria. Because of the available data, search filters, and extensive database, the brand saved countless hours while making better influencer connections. Here’s how Klear helps with measuring influencer campaign success.

Find Best-Fit Influencers Out of Millions of Profiles

Klear’s database contains more than 30 million influencers, each one discoverable based on a myriad of search filters. Easily narrow down your search to influencers in specific geographic locations, industries, audience sizes, and other criteria. This made it easy for Yves Rocher to find influencers who could create impactful localized content.

Filter By Specific Criteria for More Targeted Connections

Klear offers better insights into who influencers really are. Brands like Yves Rocher don’t have to rely only on surface-level stats like audience size and engagement rates. What’s more, Klear collects insights automatically and displays them in a neat and tidy package. Brands can skip the manual search and comparison and get straight to the data that matters. 

Track Detailed Performance Analytics from a Central Source

Speaking of surface-level stats and analytics, Klear’s end-to-end approach can track the performance of each influencer and each campaign. See the number of influencers per campaign, the amount of content they’ve created for the campaign, the number of conversions, reach, engagement, and more. All of the data flows into a centralized platform, which displays dashboards that offer quick and easy insights. See how two or more similar influencers compare in terms of engagement and performance to decide which partners are truly moving the needle. With Klear, vanity metrics are no longer the most important measure of success. 

Creating a Better Influencer Marketing Strategy with Klear

Before Klear, the influencer marketing team at Yves Rocher was spending many hours collecting manual stats on influencers and making assumptions about their influence based on audience size and assumed engagement. Without substantial data to back up those assumptions, the brand struggled to find best-fit partners who could carry the brand voice, tone, and values that were critical to its success. 

The difference is Klear: Better data and processes lead to better outcomes. Klear’s platform allows the regional office to diversify its influencer mix to make stronger connections with niche communities. Knowing who your key opinion leaders are allows you to make more meaningful connections and stand out in ways that matter.

Want to learn more about how Yves Rocher uses Klear to power up their influencer data game? Download the case study here. 

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