Puma Gains 24X Higher Engagement Rate in Influencer Campaigns

For one national sportswear company, brand love keeps growing with the help of influencers. See how Klear helped achieve a 24x engagement rate in 80 countries.

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Some brands are so recognizable that all you need is a logo. This is certainly the case for Puma, a long-standing athletic wear company that has grown a global presence. But even beloved brands benefit from ongoing marketing to raise visibility, encourage engagement, and increase brand affinity. Puma chose to partner with influencers around the world to do all of the above, and it enlisted the help of Klear’s influencer marketing platform to identify, activate, and track its influencers’ efforts.

Klear enables Puma to:

  • Use sophisticated audience segmentation to find local niche influencers around the globe
  • Identify highly engaged users and gain clarity beyond likes and shares
  • Gain a 24x higher engagement rate across the campaign

Identifying Niche Influencers with Real Impact

Maintaining a global presence in 80 countries requires a deep understanding of each market. From languages to cultures to societal norms and values, the brand needed to understand the nuances of each audience in order to form strong connections. Who better to foster good relationships than locals who already had a strong influence in those markets?

Puma partnered with global marketing agency Digitas to help them identify influencers on a local level. The goal was to activate multiple influencers who could engage local running communities and drive conversations about the sports brand. 

With Klear’s sophisticated Audience segmentation feature, the brand went to work connecting with influencers that had demonstrated their value and impact. Rather than base decisions solely on audience size, with Klear the marketing team can track audience growth over time, follower engagement, and other factors to show their influence in the health and fitness space.

Tracking Content and Engagement from a Single Source

Klear’s platform centralizes the end-to-end influencer marketing experience. Starting with discovering relevant influencers and vetting their credentials, Puma’s digital marketing team could tap highly engaged users to help them grow their brand presence.

After making these connections, the team could also track the influencers’ content, engagement rates, and other metrics from within the platform. Analyzing the engagement helped the brand to prove the success of its campaign as well as set new performance benchmarks for future campaigns. 

In total, the campaign generated more than 10,000 unique uses of the branded hashtag and achieved a 24x higher average engagement rate

"The Audience platform was an important tool in precisely unearthing the influential users we wanted to use for our campaigns. It would be difficult to manually discover these niche profiles; however, using Audience made it a lot easier for us to hone in on the best profiles for us to work within each city."

- Leslie Fines, Social & Content Strategy Manager, Digitas

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