How PicsArt Used Klear To Grow and Optimize Influencer Management

PicsArt is an all-in-one photo and video editing app with thousands of editing tools, filters, stickers, and more. They empower creators to be visual storytellers by enabling them to create, edit, remix, and share awesome content on any social platform of their choice.

Photo editing at your fingertips

  • Influencers: 17
  • Engagements: 2.9M
  • Reach: 3.6M
  • EMV: $540K

About PicsArt

Launched in 2012, the brand now has over 150M monthly active users and has released many new features which enhance the PicsArt experience. As social media is such an integral aspect of PicsArt, influencers play a key role in promoting the capabilities of its all-in-one editing app. As the team understood the value of influencers, they wanted to create a more efficient process for streamlining relationships. What they found was a tool that not only enabled them to scale their influencer strategy, but a solution that supported brand growth by offering a mature and sophisticated way to manage the entire influencer process.

Challenge: Influencer Discoverability

Before incorporating Klear into their workflow, the PicsArt team did not have a streamlined process for discovering influencers. First, the team would identify PicsArt users across social media, and create a list. This process was done manually by a #hashtag search, which would indicate usage of PicsArt. Once potential collaborators were identified, the team would reach out to potential partners independently. This process limited the number of influencers that the team discovered and collaborated with, simply due to the prolonged nature of the work.

“Klear changed the way we understand and approach influencer marketing. Not only have we eliminated time-consuming tasks, but the ability to discover influencers we might not have ever known about has significantly increased the number and quality of influencers we partner with.”

Meri Hovnanyan Social Media Associate, PicsArt

Solution: Directly Discover and Engage with Influencers

Before incorporating Klear into their workflow, the PicsArt team had an influencer strategy that had intention and purpose. However, they did not have an efficient method for streamlining operations and eliminating manual work. An influencer marketing tool not only elevated the output of PicsArt’s influencer campaigns but established an efficient way to manage partner communications.

"Klear is useful in so many ways for us. It allows us to identify authentic influencers relevant to our brand and helps us easily communicate with our partners. It's very convenient to have all influencers that we are working with on one platform. Klear is also very helpful for our paid campaigns, providing us with the necessary tools to make campaign execution as smooth as possible."

Meri Hovnanyan Social Media Associate, PicsArt

Klear’s multi-purpose influencer marketing platform also provided the PicsArt team with a new way of identifying and communicating with influencers. They no longer just relied on a #hashtag search to discover influencers. Based on Klear’s influencer vetting capabilities, the team determined criteria for evaluating true partners. The team has used Klear to determine the authenticity and reach of an influencer’s audience. Once the team has used sophisticated influencer metrics to vet potential patterns, they use Connect, Klear’s in-app messaging feature, to communicate with the influencers. Meaning all stages of the influencer campaign, discover, communication, and collaboration, are all centralized and can be managed by the same team.

Success: Canvas Effects Campaign

Klear empowered the PicsArt team to independently manage all stages of an influencer campaign for a new feature launch, while eliminating manual work.

The Campaign

The Canvas Effects campaign was created to introduce users to PicsArt’s For new Canvas Effects, exciting effects that turn selfies and pictures into works of art using AI to match facial features with famous works of art. The campaign included 17 influencers and was active across TikTok and Instagram.


The team used Klear’s search engine to discover influencers who have previously used PicsArt related hashtags. Then, leveraging Klear influencer analytics, performed a sophisticated vetting process by evaluating engagements, audience demographics, and follower authenticity.


Once the influencers were identified, the PicsArt team used Klear Connect to manage communications with the selected influencers. The influencers were sent a campaign brief, campaign agreements were signed, and content was reviewed and approved. Thus centralizing all communications, and establishing a repository of all content to maintain transparency throughout the team.

What did PicsArt achieve?

The PicsArt team was able to streamline the entire influencer campaign lifecycle, by incorporating a tool that enables end-to-end discovery and management.

  • The Canvas Effect Launch campaign generated 2.9M engagements, reached 3.6M users, and achieved EMV of $540K.
  • Established a streamlined process for effectively identifying influencers that was easily adopted by the entire team
  • Integrated a sophisticated influencer messaging tool that enhanced collaboration and enabled an efficient campaign management process

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