How Ogilvy Social.Lab Increased Influencer Identification Accuracy and Predictability by 61%

Case Study: Ogilvy Social.Lab
August 19th, 2020
About Ogilvy Social.Lab

Ogilvy Social.Lab is a world-renowned digital agency, working with global brands to support their clients with Influencers, Strategy, Creation, Media, Social Intelligence, PR & Events, Conversation Management, and Measurement. The team's work has created award-winning campaigns, supporting the world’s leading organizations to achieve marketing goals.

Presently there are 5 team members running national and international influencer activity for Ogilvy Social.Lab Belgium’s clients. Before integrating Klear into the team’s workflow, the influencer selection process did not leverage enough data-driven metrics. The team understood they were lacking reliable data to make credible decisions for clients. So, Ogilvy Social.Lab selected Klear as their tool-of-choice and now optimizes statistically-verified AI-driven metrics to ensure they are selecting influencers who best support client goals.

“We knew we wanted to change the way we do influencer marketing.” Stefan Bisoux Influencer Marketing Practice Lead, Ogilvy Social.Lab Belgium

Challenge: Run location-based influencer campaigns

Ogilvy Social.Lab’s Belgium team faced a unique situation. They needed to run influencer campaigns for national and international clients that targeted a Belgian audience. It is often assumed that if your influencer is from a specific country then so is their audience, but that’s not actually the case. The Ogilvy Social.Lab team needed a tool that let them analyze an influencer’s network with demographic data.

“Klear gives us a behind-the-scenes look at an influencer profile.” Stefan Bisoux Influencer Marketing Practice Lead, Ogilvy Social.Lab Belgium

The team’s initial approach to influencer marketing was “very PR”. Follower count and influencer location were some of the leading metrics the team relied on for influencer selection. However, these vetting metrics did not indicate how well an influencer would perform and the type of audience an influencer was engaging with.

What Did Ogilvy Social.Lab Need? The team needed a tool with credible data that would allow them to identify relevant influencers with peace of mind and predict successful outcomes for their clients.

Solution: Data-driven influencer selection process

After adopting Klear into the workflow, the Ogilvy Social.Lab team now uses data-driven influencer metrics when discovering new partners for their clients. Klear’s ability to zoom in on an influencer’s audience and review audience demographics has been invaluable. This has not only changed the way they select potential partners but the metrics they share with clients and the results they see on their campaigns.

“Now when our international clients want to run local campaigns, we use Klear to search for influencers with an engaged audience in the relevant geo.” Stefan Bisoux Influencer Marketing Practice Lead, Ogilvy Social.Lab Belgium

The Ogilvy Social.Lab team no longer relies on follower count as a metric for vetting potential influencers. Follower count is only 21% accurate, while Klear’s influencer metrics are 82% accurate.

Success: Build Brand Awareness For Fortune500 Client in New Geo

When one of Ogilvy Social.Lab’s clients, a leading French Retailer, wanted to raise brand awareness in Belgium, the team knew they needed to leverage Klear’s advanced search capabilities. Not only did Ogilvy Social.Lab need to identify influencers with a Belgian audience, but they needed to find influencers with niche interests that aligned with the client.

“I was familiar with many tools in the influencer space, but Klear was the most advanced and had all the data we needed.” Stefan Bisoux Influencer Marketing Practice Lead, Ogilvy Social.Lab Belgium

By optimizing Klear’s smart influencer discovery technology, the Ogilvy Social.Lab team was able to identify influencers that perfectly aligned with their clients’ brand ideology. Then based on the demographics of the client, they were able to segment the preferred age and gender of the influencers’ audience, and eventually identify 50 potential partners.

What did Ogilvy Social.Lab achieve?

By incorporating Klear into their workflow, the Ogilvy Social.Lab team was able to:

  • Increased influencer identification accuracy by 61%, saving time and manual work.
  • Adopt a data-driven approach for influencer identification, thus creating an overall consensus of what an influencer is.
  • Establish a central-repository of influencers and seamlessly share potential partners with clients.