Kreg Tool Gains $17.8M in Earned Media Value (EMV) Using Klear

Kreg Tool relies on content creators to encourage more DIY-ers to try woodworking. Here’s how Klear helps them measure its influencers’ impact.

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DIY art forms like woodworking take skill, patience, and dedication, not to mention steady hands that know how to use the necessary tools. For Kreg Tools, making woodworking more approachable and fun is vital to expanding its customer base. That’s why the brand works with influencers to highlight what their products can do and how easy they are to use, helping to encourage more people to try them. To manage its content creators and track their impact on its social media presence, the brand chose Klear and ditched the spreadsheet for good.

Klear enables Kreg Tool to:

  • Manage 178+ influencers across all brand campaigns
  • Gain $17.8M in EMV
  • Reach 18M social media users

Create Systemized Processes for End-to-End Influencer Management

Prior to using Klear, marketers at Kreg Tool conducted all tracking, monitoring, and vetting via an Excel spreadsheet and other manual methods. Senior digital marketing specialist Whitney Hoff called it “painful.” Manual processes didn’t allow the brand to monitor reach, engagements, or other key metrics. With influencer marketing becoming more of a priority in the company, marketers needed a better way to manage processes and demonstrate value.

With Klear’s comprehensive platform, marketers now have a systematized way to manage the entire influencer relationship, from discovery and vetting to performance monitoring. In total, Kreg Tools has recruited 178 influencers to create content and drive brand awareness.

Klear tracks brand-related campaigns, but it also uses social listening to monitor any content its creators are posting. This helps marketers track any content related to the brand’s products. It also allows them to see whether their influencer’s scores change over time, helping them to preserve brand integrity. For example, audience engagement might decline due to PR crises, shifts in consumer sentiment, or poor content creation, which could ultimately impact the brand’s image. 

Demonstrate Influencer Impact with Data-Driven Insights

The productivity increase since implementing Klear has been game-changing for Kreg Tools. Manual methods didn’t offer visibility into engagements, and reach had to be constantly updated. Using Klear, marketers can see collective insights regarding their content volume and campaigns and dial into individual influencer performance. 

To date, influencers have created more than 823 posts that have reached 18M social media users and earned 670K engagements. Reach is an essential metric for Kreg Tools. The brand loves knowing its creators are targeting people who are directly interested in woodworking and DIY and seeing how many people are engaging with the content.

In-house users download monthly reports of campaign performance for the previous month to share with marketing managers and directors, who then share them with other company leaders when necessary. 

Automate Influencer Tracking that Scales

Once influencers are added to a campaign in Klear, the platform handles most of the heavy lifting. In-house marketers can see which influencers are part of the campaign, their Klear influence score, the number of posts they’ve created, the platforms where those posts live (e.g., Instagram, TikTok), and other details. 

Each time new content is posted, it’s automatically logged and updated in Klear. As those posts gain traction, Klear will track reach, engagement, and earned media value. It automatically aggregates each influencer’s metrics to illustrate campaign-level details.

ashley and whitney influencer stats

What’s more, Klear will automatically pull each influencer’s posts into the platform so users can easily view what creators are sharing. Marketers can view images or play videos without having to leave the platform.

shara mccuiston influencer stats

The brand also plans to add Klear’s application form to its website so influencers can be added to the system directly. This allows marketers to continue recruiting content creators to help them scale their influencer efforts without extensive involvement from the in-house team.

“Most of the other influencer platforms pitched the discovery portion of their platforms, and that isn't something we needed help with. We never have issues finding partners, so what we needed was the reporting side of things. Klear offered all of the metrics that were jumping out at us for what we thought would be a good way to measure influencer performance.” - Whitney Hoff, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Kreg Tools

Put influencer marketing into perspective with Klear.

Klear offers Kreg Tools a data-driven way to see the value of influencer marketing and how its content creators are making a difference. Discover how your brand can do the same when you schedule a demo.

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