Huawei #HWConnect Conference

Huawei is a Chinese multinational communications company with a sales revenue of $60B. Today, the company is the 2nd seller of smartphones after Samsung and before Apple.

Boost Event Awareness with Influencers

  • Influencers: 11
  • Event Posts: 210
  • Engagements: 169K
  • EMV: $1.3M


Even though Huawei is a huge company and industry leader, it does not enjoy the brand recognition of its competitors. The company’s marketing mission was and still is, to make its presence felt.


To raise brand awareness and change public perception, Huawei decided to launch a Key Opinion Leaders program with selected Tech and Marketing influencers.

The company invested a lot of time and effort in creating and nurturing relationships with the opinion leaders that they had identified. For their annual Huawei Connect conference in 2016, Huawei invited 11 influencers from the KOL program to share their experiences and opinions.


Inviting the influencers to the conference was a huge success that was later repeated as a strategy for other important events. The selected influencers were invited as VIP guests and created more impressions than 20k other guests.

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