Global Wearables Tech Brand Centralizes Influencer Management with 2000+ Influencers at Scale

Learn how a global wearables tech company uses Klear to bring clarity and unity to its influencer marketing, including communicating with 2,000+ influencers at scale.

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As a leader in wearable tech, this brand knows a thing or two about giving direction and knowing where people want to be. That knowledge extends to its own customer base, and the brand uses influencers to connect with its audience wherever they are in the world. But knowing where their audiences are and how to reach them is just the start — the brand also needed a way to organize and manage their influencer relationships to ensure brand alignment and maximum output.

The brand’s previous solution didn’t make communication easy. Often, multiple in-house teams would speak with the same influencers, leading to extra effort without extra ROI. To improve its approach to influencer marketing, the brand chose Klear as a way to bring all its influencer efforts under a single umbrella.

This global wearable tech company uses Klear to:

  • Discover niche micro-influencers for targeted campaigns
  • Centralize communications with 2000+ influencers to save time and effort
  • Increase influencer ROI with greater influencer access

Working with 2,000 Influencers at Scale

Headquartered in the USA with regional teams in Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and North America and Mexico (NAM), the brand uses influencers to connect with customers in each of these unique markets. Among their partners include athletes, explorers, fishermen, and other ambassadors to help grow the company’s name.

Rather than working with globally known celebrities, the brand prefers niche influencers who can connect with audiences in one or more of their respective markets. Being in three different global territories, the culture and interests of each territory are unique and benefit from a unique marketing approach. 

The brand uses Klear to find niche influencers in all markets and within multiple categories and connect directly with them. This allows them to create targeted campaigns that resonate with each territory and the smaller markets within. 

Managing Communications from a Single Place

The previous solution didn’t have strong communication management features, especially when considering the size of the brand’s influencer team. Internal employees struggled to keep records of communications across teams, which often resulted in different teams speaking with the same influencers. This is time that could have been better spent finding new influencers who fit the company’s profile and could help them grow faster and farther.

Klear Connect simplified communication across co-located teams. Users can send and receive all communications from within the platform. Klear serves as an influencer CRM, so users can track which influencers they’re talking to, where the conversation left off, and other key details.

Using Klear as an influencer CRM has significantly reduced the time and effort it takes in-house teams to manage influencer relationships. Thousands of communications are taking place in the same platform rather than being dispersed in various inboxes and other tools. Teams no longer have to work with influencers via email or spreadsheets. 

Using an influencer CRM across markets ensures transparency and improves influencer engagement and satisfaction. Both parties can avoid multiple conversations so each has the time to do what they do best. 

Optimizing Influencer Performance Globally

With the world’s largest database of influencers at their fingertips, the global wearable tech brand’s in-house marketing team can quickly and easily find influencers who meet the brand’s strict criteria. In return, the brand has seen a noticeable uptick in influencer performance and impact, and its marketers credit having access to a larger volume of influencers.

Discovery, vetting, and communication happen in the same place. This centralized experience allows in-house teams to identify more potential influencer partners in less time and get right to work. Tracking features make it easy to see where every influencer is in the process, such as whether they’ve signed their paperwork or are already creating content for the brand.

Klear also offers at-a-glance insights per campaign, per influencer, and per content post so the brand can see how each influencer is contributing. Marketing managers can make informed decisions about which influencers to keep working with and how to negotiate compensation based on this data.

Creating Consistency and Unity with Klear

This global wearable tech brand uses Klear to create a single target for 2,000+ points of impact. Discover what Klear can do for you!

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