Gild Creative Group Reaches 6.3M with Less Than 100 Influencer Posts

Influencer marketing’s ability to inspire action makes it a pillar of brand culture. Read how Gild Creative Group uses Klear to elevate the culture of its clients.

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Storytelling is at the heart of company culture. Stories allow companies to put into context how they’re innovating, differentiating themselves, and continuing to meet the needs of their audience. For Gild Creative Group, a conscious marketing agency, creating these stories for clients includes the assistance of influencers, but the process in which they discovered and strategized with influencers needed some fine-tuning.

The agency needed confidence in choosing the right influencers to tell the right stories. Strategists wanted to ensure the influencers were resonating with audiences and aligning with the company cultures they represented. They also needed insight into campaign metrics and KPIs to build client trust in their efforts. 

The agency chose Klear to manage its client influencer marketing projects. The platform has allowed them to better serve clients beyond strategy and concepts and improve client outcomes.

Klear enables Gild Creative Group to:

  • Operationalize its influencer strategies to better support clients and execute campaigns
  • Trade manual calculations for automation, organization, and access to historical data
  • Expand its offerings to clients and realize more opportunities for growth

Standardizing the Approach to Influencer Marketing

Gild Creative Group excels in strategy and concept development, but from a project management perspective, the execution needed support. The current approach was restricted, and the agency was operating inefficiently. The agency also lacked a history of campaigns and organization. They didn’t have a single place to store the numerous invisible tasks involved in influencer marketing. 

Instead of a large, complex tool, the agency needed something that could assist in staying organized, presenting data in a compelling manner, and uncovering new opportunities. 

Klear helped strategists operationalize their strategies to create a predictable, repeatable, organized approach.

One key challenge Klear helped to solve was building efficiency throughout each campaign. Each campaign required a considerable amount of mathematical calculation, all of which was done manually. With Klear, users can see key influencer insights at a glance without extensive calculations.

While every campaign and every story is different, Klear allows users to standardize the way they find, vet, and leverage influencers to meet their clients’ needs.

Measuring the Multiple Facets of Success

Specializing in storytelling means creating narratives that serve a variety of purposes. Stories connect with audiences on an emotional level, and the feelings they elicit can spur multiple actions related to brand awareness, direct sales, recruitment, or other engagements. 

Gild Creative Group chose Klear because of its capability in measuring the success of every campaign, regardless of whether they involved impressions, reach, engagement, or conversion. In storytelling, it’s crucial to assess how well influencers contributed to key performance indicators, particularly in terms of brand awareness.

Klear breaks down each campaign and each influencer into easy-to-understand visual metrics and information, including:

  • Level of influence (scale of 1-100)
  • Skills
  • Location
  • Number of fans
  • True reach
  • Number of posts
  • Engagements per post
  • Engagement rate
  • Total posts per campaign
  • Total reach per campaign
  • Total engagements per campaign
  • Earned media value per campaign

For agencies like Gild Creative Group, running multiple campaigns for multiple clients at any given day is all in a day’s work. The Klear dashboard offers insights at a glance and allows users to dive deeper into specific campaign metrics and data as needed.

To date, Gild Creative Group’s Klear campaigns show a total of 95 posts, 112.2K engagements, 2.34% engagement rate, 6.3M reach, and $754.2K EMV

Klear users can see recent posts related to each campaign as well as each influencer’s most recent posts. Combined with the above metrics, the agency can easily see which influencers are crafting compelling narratives for the client and how they’re contributing to the overall campaign outcomes.

Serving Clients Beyond Strategy

Developing a story that serves a specific purpose is just the beginning for Gild Creative Group. With Klear, the agency is able to recommend and select influencers to contribute to the story, share it with relevant audiences, and monitor how people are receiving those stories. Being able to share specific outcomes makes the agency’s services more well-rounded and valuable to its clients. 

Klear's ability to handle multiple groups (especially large clients with multi-campaign needs) concurrently is advantageous for project management purposes. With more efficient processes and the capacity to handle multiple clients at scale, the agency is able to expand its services and accept more clients.

Klear also allows Gild Creative Group to be forward-thinking for its clients. Users can monitor influencers who they may not currently have a reason to communicate with but may require their assistance in the future. 

“I appreciate Klear’s capacity to assist direct-to-consumer companies with their conversion links and the monitoring functionality. It also provides cross-platform insights when we create content and enables us to track engagement metrics. I also commend the customer service and client success teams for their exceptional support. They consistently go above and beyond to cater to smaller clients like ourselves.” 
-Tiffany Hardin, Founder, CEO

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