Domino's Pizza Sees an Increase on Engagement by 5000% Using Klear

How Domino’s Pizza Uses Klear to Supercharge Its Social Presence

How Domino’s Pizza Uses Klear to Supercharge Its Social Presence

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As a globally recognized brand with more than 16,000 points of sale, Domino’s Pizza relies on an active social media presence to connect with its fans around the world. Outsourcing its social media to an agency hindered the company from building authentic relationships, especially when catering to regional audiences. The company’s France-based operations turned to Klear to bring its social management in-house and leverage strategic influencer partnerships for fostering more meaningful connections with customers.

Klear enables Domino’s Pizza France to:

  • Create consistency around social media marketing
  • Find, vet, and nurture influencer partners
  • Create influencer collaborations their audience wants to see

Creating Influencer Campaigns that Connect

The landscape of influencer content is broad, making it challenging for brands to know what’s going to resonate with their audience and what won’t. To reduce the uncertainty, Domino’s Pizza leveraged Klear for a UGC Halloween campaign. The premise: Decorate a slice of pizza with hot sauce. 

Chloé Allègre, Social Media Project Manager at Domino’s, shares that Klear’s Influencer Analysis feature came in clutch by finding influencers that shared their love of food and humor. She used the platform’s interest and location filters to find influencers who were known for both of these traits, then narrowed them down based on their comprehensive profiles. 

With Klear, Allègre checked each influencer’s social media accounts, campaign histories, and even contact information to find the best fits. She wanted to partner with influencers who were most likely to drum up participation in the campaign while also appealing to the brand’s target audience and earning some newcomers.

“This campaign was a success on our different social media profiles, so the platform helped us a lot,” Allègre explains. 

Confidence in Partnering with Influencers

Sometimes, fans will tell brands which influencer collaborations they want to see. Case in point: a K-Pop group that called out Domino’s in a song. Fans went crazy and couldn’t wait to see this new partnership flourish. “The fans told us that we had to make a collab with the K-pop group. (We) bounce(d) back on that, to exchange and to laugh with consumers, and they appreciated that a lot,” Allègre says. “We had an increase of engagement by 5,000% on our social media and got 50,000 likes on that tweet alone.”

Before Klear, Domino’s Pizza didn’t have a process in place to discover relevant content creators, especially ones who would resonate with their target market. Factors such as the influencer’s location, following size, social media channels, and niches all affect a successful collaboration. 

Using Klear’s influencer marketing platform, Domino’s Pizza centralizes and streamlines the process of discovering and vetting influencers. Klear finds influencers the brand’s audience already trusts and makes an introduction. Domino’s can filter by multiple factors, including following size, geographic location, and channel, to find the best-fit influencers as well as analyze influencers’ histories and previous campaigns prior to making contact. After the introduction, the brand can begin the collaboration process from the same platform.

Klear gives Domino’s Pizza France the ingredients they need to bake tasty partnerships that satisfy. Discover what we can do for you!

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