How Chobani Enriched New Territory with Klear

Running a campaign with 500 influencers requires careful vetting and tracking. Here’s how Chobani used Klear to launch a successful campaign in a new market.

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Building a world-renowned brand requires companies to ensure their product is readily accessible in markets in which it will be well received. But for one yogurt brand, the heavily saturated Australian market brought many challenges on the path to growth. 

The company turned to Klear to improve its approach to influencer marketing — the linchpin that would ensure its content and marketing would resonate with an audience that was already spoiled for choice. 

The Problem: A Tough Market, Manual Processes, and a Lack of Consistency

The Australian market was no stranger to great yogurt; consumers had plenty of brands and flavors to choose from, which made it an attractive option for established yogurt brand Chobani. The brand knew it wouldn’t have to sell shoppers on yogurt, but rather the brand itself. 

To make the right connections with Aussie consumers, Chobani planned to launch the largest influencer campaign of its kind to date. The brand wanted to connect with 500 unpaid influencers, who would create their own content and increase brand awareness throughout the country.

Finding 500 influencers isn’t easy. But trying to do it manually brings a range of unique challenges that can significantly delay the campaign timeline and influence its outcome. 

For starters, the brand had no quick or easy way to find and vet influencers. One by one, the marketing team would connect with potential influencers on Instagram, then manually log details and metrics into a spreadsheet. This wasn’t a scalable solution given the lofty goal, which is why the team sought the help of Klear’s all-in-one-influencer marketing platform.

The Solution: Klear for Influencer Discovery, Vetting, and Measurement

Klear provided Chobani with a central platform to run its influencer marketing campaign. Starting with discovery, the team could quickly find relevant influencers with audiences in the Australian market that fit the brand’s ideal customer profile. The platform also looks beyond surface-level insights like audience size and engagement to see who is driving meaningful conversations. 

Better vetting allowed the brand to choose influencers based on real influence rather than follower count alone. Klear shows insights such as past engagement rates, audience growth rates, and other bits of information that could help cut down on influencer fraud. With improved targeting, they stood to reach more consumers and improve the outcome of the campaign.

Also of note is the ability to manage all campaign-related content in one place. Before Klear, the brand didn’t have a consistent way to view and manage user-generated content. Tracking posts on social media had been a manual effort, so there was a risk of missing out on posts and their corresponding metrics. 

Klear’s platform brought clarity to content management as well as the team’s backend processes. The team now had a consistent way to view, track, and manage content. With all materials in one location, the team could ensure quality and consistency in the messaging and branding.

The Results: A Successful Campaign with 500 Influencers and Proven ROI

The previous manual processes Chobani used for influencer marketing left too much room for error. Small mistakes, overlooked content, and missing metrics could skew the perceived results of the campaign. With better management and tracking via Klear, Chobani could confidently judge the ROI and outcome of its campaign. This single source of measurement made it easy to generate reports and demonstrate what worked and what didn’t. 

“Our team saved significant time in the process of influencer discovery, outreach, management, and campaign reporting,” shares Damian Young, General Manager of Marketing at Chobani. “Having a campaign brief built and managed by one person meant that almost every influencer post reflected the tone of voice that the campaign required.”

What’s more, Chobani now had an easy way to benchmark their performance. They had a healthy amount of data that could prove useful in comparing future campaigns to past performances. This is a highly useful feature for any brand entering a new market and aiming to see growth and engagement over time.

Creating a Klear Approach to Influencer Marketing

For a product as common as yogurt in a market that is spoiled for choice, Chobani knew it needed to capture its audience’s attention quickly and with confidence. Klear’s ability to find, connect with, and measure the effectiveness of 500 influencers helped the brand grow strong roots in a new market and feel hopeful about its future.

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