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#WFH: 5 Ways To Manage Your Influencer Campaign While Working From Home

As many teams transition to remote, it’s important to understand how different tools can benefit your workflow. Learn how Klear’s features can be utilized for remote work.

Lena Young
March 18, 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic has had a quick and fast impact on the way we live our lives. People around the globe have been asked to stay home as much as possible and practice social distancing. 

Those who can, are working from home. For many, remote work is a very new experience. And, school and business closures mean many are having to work from home while sharing a space with loved ones. This means it is essential to ensure that projects run smoothly and collaborations can still ensue.

We wanted to help our clients make a smooth transition to remote work, so we’ve outlined some of Klear’s top features that will help your team manage your influencer campaigns while working from home. 

Here are 5 Klear features that will support remote team:

1. Influencer CRM: Keep The Whole Team Updated on Project Status

As an easily distracted person, I have faced some challenges working from home. I often think of a question I’d like to ask a coworker, and if I don’t ask it immediately I’ll forget. That’s why I like to have everything mapped out in front of me; what project I’m working on, when the project is due, and roadblocks that depend on my coworkers.

Klear’s CRM is a great way to see the status of your entire influencer campaign at a glance. Our CRM has some built-in features that help the entire team stay aligned and maintain clear communication:

  • Notes: Team members can directly share feedback regarding specific influencers in a campaign. Do you like them, love them, would you never want to collaborate with them again? Add a note so everyone on your team knows how you feel. Everyone with access to Klear can view your notes.
  • Owner: Don’t step on any toes, even from the safety of your home. The owner tab within the CRM lets you know who’s managing communication with a specific influencer. This way everyone on the team knows where responsibility lies. 
  • Agreements: If you’re anything like me, you hate emails. Klear helps users avoid emails by allowing most communication to happen within the Klear portal. You can send and sign influencer agreements within Klear, and easily see the status of an agreement (signed or pending). If you’re new to influencer agreements you can learn more here.

👍 Remember, when most communication is digital, there is a lot of subtexts. Less is usually not more, so write detailed notes so no one misinterprets you.

2. Influencer Tagging: Let Your Team Know Who You’re Interested In

Klear’s influencer search engine is a great tool for you and your team to find the perfect influencer for a new campaign. If you’re used to tapping your coworker on the shoulder and scooting over to a friend’s desk to review a profile, influencer tagging will help you maintain the same workflow. Once you’ve identified an influencer you want to collaborate with, or that have enjoyed collaborating with, simply tag the influencer. 

Tags are color-coded and can have names. For example, if you see an influence that would be perfect for you #RedLabel campaing, give the influencer a red tag and name it “red label”. All influencers under a specific tag will be listed together and accessible for the entire team to view.

Though it doesn’t feel the same as enjoying a coffee together while your review potential influencers, influencer tags will at least ensure that everyone is on the same page. Influencer tags also ensure you are your teammates aren’t doing extra work of vetting the same influencer.

👍We recommend giving your tags funny names to lighten the mood.

3. Download & Share PDFs: Influencer Profiles and Campaign Reports

Now that you’ll be having meetings and projects syncs over Zoom or other video chat platforms, it’s important to come prepared and easily share information with your coworkers. Klear lets you easily download PDF files of influencer profiles and campaign reports, so all of your important information is visible and easy to digest on one document.

Influencer profiles are great to share with coworkers or clients when vetting a potential candidate. Profiles can be downloaded to a one page PDF file, and includes important metrics including True Reach, Klear Score, audience demographics, top content and more. 

Campaign Profiles are a great way to review and share the success of a campaign once it’s been completed. Reports included Total Post, True Reach, Engagements, and EMV. Campaign reports also offer a breakdown of each individual influencer’s performance. This is a great resource for the entire team or important stakeholders to get a full picture of how a campaign progressed. 

👍Review campaign PDFs together with your team during a video chat, so everyone is seeing and reviewing the same information in real-time! 

4. Content Approval: Know Which Influencer Content Will Go Live 

Of course, it’s always essential that you review influencer content before it goes live. Whether you are in the office or working from home. But, it’s important to remember that your entire team has access to this tool. Share submitted content with your coworkers so everyone knows what is scheduled to go live, or so others can give feedback on the content you’re not feeling 100% on.

👍If an influencer submitted content that you love, let the rest of your team know. Right now everyone needs some good news and some light-hearted content. 

5. Feedback Portal: Keep Everyone Involved, Not Just Team Members 

Working from home can feel lonely. Especially if you’re part of a dynamic team that is used to brainstorming sessions and sharing feedback. If you miss getting feedback from coworkers, even those not immediately involved in a project, try using our NEW feedback portal. 

Separate from notes in the CRM, which is for Klear users. Our Feedback portal lets you easily receive feedback from those without access to Klear. This is a great resource or agencies looking to get a client’s input, or larger organizations looking to keep other departments in the loop. 

Simply send a link that invites a collaborator to share feedback on every influencer and relevant content. All feedback is private between you and your collaborator. 

👍When I’m feeling overwhelmed I ask for feedback, even from people who aren’t completely relevant to the project. It’s also a nice way to touch base with co-workers I wouldn’t interact with during my daily tasks. 

These are challenging times for everyone. We hope that things can return to normal quickly. In the meantime, if you have any questions about using Klear while working remote don’t hesitate to reach out.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.