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#VOTE: Social Media Discourse and the 2020 Election

Who is driving social media discourse on the upcoming US Election?

Lena Young
October 29, 2020

2020 Election and Social Media

With November 3rd just around the corner, the importance of voter registration and turning out to the poll booths is growing more and more important. From micro-influencer to major celebrities, #vote is a great way to drive meaningful conversations around social and civic duty. 

We wanted to take a look at the people behind the hashtag, to better understand user sentiment. So, we analyzed the usage of #vote across Instagram and Twitter to gauge the demographics of this hashtag and see who is fueling online discussions on voting. 

Who Wants You to #Vote for the 2020 Election?

On Instagram, the hashtag #vote has over 7M mentions, while #2020election has 160K mentions. So, we looked at the democratic data for this hashtag to see who is fueling this conversation on social media. 

Social Discourse Fueled by Millenial Women

On Instagram, 48% of #vote content is created by Millenials, those aged 25-34. After Millennials, Gen X (individuals aged 35-49) are creating the most election oriented content, at 32%. 

Female social users are much more active and engaged in social media political discourse than male users, creating 67% of all #vote content. 

The majority of the users creating #vote content are from California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Georgia. With California being responsible for 45% of all content. 

Social Demographics Trump Vs. Biden

Interestingly, while general social media shows that the overall election conversation is fueled by Millennial females, the social demographics of the two leading candidates are different. We used the hashtags #trump2020 and #joebiden

A majority of users posting about Joe Biden are female, while there is an even gender split of those using the hashtag #trump2020.

When looking at age demographics, it is apparent that the hashtag #trump2020 is more common among millennials while #joebiden is more frequently created by Gen X.

When looking at the top 3 states for candidate content (California, Florida, and New York), we see a fairly even distribution in California and New York, while Trump supporters are creating slightly more content in Florida. 

However, when looking by the city rather than state, there is significantly more #joebiden content in large cities, and almost no #trump2020 content. 

Demographic data is an integral part of understanding who is behind important social conversations in order to develop a strategy that aligns with user sentiment. Schedule a call to learn how such data can support you.