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The Top 10 Food Influencers

Hungry for some new influencers? Checking out the top food influencers cooking up great influencer content.

Lena Young
October 29, 2019

Craving a Food Influencer Collaboration? 

An easy way to understand the influencer industry is by the different industries each influencer exits in. The industries are related to the type of content they generate and the interests of the audience they engage with. 

Food is one of the most popular influencer categories. With beautiful images, tasty recipes, and mouth-watering videos, food content can be hard to resist. And, because these influencers are producing specific content, they are likely to have a dedicated and highly engaged following. 

Who is a Food Influencer? 

The food influencer industry is comprised of a diverse range of influencers from celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey to DIY home bakers. Each influencer has a unique offering and can provide your brand with awesome content and loyal followers. 

When working with a food influencer it is important to understand who will see your influencer’s content. Audience demographics will help you determine if an influencer’s audience will benefit your brand’s goals.

Food Influencer Audience Demographics

82% of Food influencers’ Followers are Female.

A majority of Food Influencer’s followers are Millenials, 48% are between 25-34 years old.

A majority of Food Influencers, 43%, are based in the US, and 36% are from California.

While followers’ main interest is Food content, they also enjoy content focused on Travel, and from Bloggers.

What #hashtags are Food Influencers Using?

#hashtags are the bread and butter of influencer marketing. Know which hashtags are trending so you can ensure your influencer content gets maximum exposure.


Top 10 Food Influencers

With amazing engagement and excellent true reach, these food influencers would be the perfect ingredient to any influencer campaign. 

Matt Adlard, @mattadlard

Klear Score: 98

Matt is a baker who posts pictures of his creations on his Instagram and full recipes on his Blog. Matt is based in London, but 39% of is audience is based in the US. He has partnered with brands like Nespresso and Mrs. Crimble’s and he is a judge for the Food Network.


Samira Kazan, @alphafoodie

Klear Score: 88

Samira is a self-professed “rainbow foodie”. She posts colorful pictures of healthy foods and teaches her followers new ways to cook with bland based ingredients. Samira is based in the UK but a majority of her followers, 31% are from the US.


Magda, @oatmeal_stories

Klear score: 85

Magda is a Netherlands based Food Instagrammer, however, a majority of her audience is based in the US and Germany. Her content focuses on yummy photos of Dutch comfort food like colorful toasts and hearty porridge.


David Frenkiel, @gkstories

Klear Score: 89

David is is a vegetarian food blogger, and also runs greenkitchenstories.com with his wife. Based in Stockholm, 26% of followers are from the US. Past partnerships have included Chipotle, as well as Swedish based food brands.


Marlena Kur, @zestmylemon

Klear Score: 84

Marlena is a UK-based Easy Meal enthusiast and cookbook author. She shares simple, healthy meals with her followers that anyone can replicate. Marlena has collaborated with Chipotle, Nike, and iHerb to name a few.


Yumna, @feelgoodfoodie

Klear Score: 88

Yumna shares healthy, comfort food tutorials with her followers. Yuman charges $5000 for a video post, $4000 for an image post, and $1500 for an Instagram Story Post.


Viola Hou, @thesunshineeatery

Klear Score: 82

Viola produced plant-based food content. From recipes to inspiration, her followers come to her page to know what she is craving. She has an exceptionally high Ture Reach score, with nearly 57K views per post.


Pauline Bossdorf, @livingthehealthychoice

Klear Score: 84

Pauline is a Berlin-based foodie, who focuses on fresh, plant-based food. She is the author of a cookbook and shares recipes with her followers, who are 22% German and 20% US.


Lauren Ko, @lolokitchen

Klear Score: 90

Lauren is a baker from Seattle who creates elaborate pies, which rival mosaics or stained glass. Honestly, these pies are CRAZY!


Werner, @wernou

Klear Score: 82

Werner is a Paris based food blog. His posts are recaps of his daily meals, promoting the idea that healthy food can still look good. If you like avocado this is the page for you.


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