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Ambassador Programs: Creating Sales Impact With Your Clients

The What, Why, and How of Ambassador programs. From getting started to inspiration for your next campaign!

Lena Young
May 27, 2021

Ambassador Programs empower brands to identify influential clients and turn them into ambassadors!

What is an Ambassador Program

Incorporating influencer marketing into your brand strategy can support many objectives. Traditionally brands have used influencers to boost brand awareness and promote brand values through authentic and meaningful connections. As brands become more familiar with influencers the channel has also begun to play an integral role in sale objectives.

Ambassador Programs are strategic campaigns that leverage influencer marketing for Sales. However, the unique element of an Ambassador program is that brands collaborate with existing customers who have strong social media influence. This collaboration not only helps foster stronger relationships with a brand’s existing clients. 

Why Run an Ambassador Program

Ambassador programs are a great way to cultivate lasting relationships with influential customers. It is an integrated program within the customer journey that allows you to collect the social credentials of clients, use data-driven technologies to identify those with strong influence. Looking to leverage ambassadors off social? The Meltwater media database can help you with that.

Once you have identified influential clients you can connect with them, having them advocate your brand as social ambassadors. Incentivizes ambassadors can vary depending on the ambassador from free products, discounts, monetary compensation, and more. 

The benefits of running an Ambassador Program are rich. Not only are these programs used to promote sales through cost-effective collaborations, but they will provide rich insights that will teach you about your network and produce beautiful content that can be repurposed. 

How To Run an Ambassador Program

Are you ready to include an Ambassador program in your influencer marketing strategy? Download our complete Brand Ambassador White Paper, and discover all you need to know about running a comprehensive sales-oriented influencer campaign. From picking the right incentive to measuring your KPIs, we’ve got you covered.