The 2021 Summer Travel Report

Download the Free 2021 Summer Travel Influencer Report, and learn how to run a travel influencer campaign

Lena Young
July 14, 2021

Pack your suitcases, Travel campaigns are back! 

The Return of Travel Campaigns 

We all miss the days when Delta was an airline and not a COVID-19 mutation, but that being said travel brands and passengers are still finding a way to find a return to normal. From agencies to airlines, travel influencers have been a vital aspect of promoting travel to local destinations and the resumption of air travel. 

In 2020, travel influencer content saw a sharp drop due to the coronavirus pandemic. Dropping from the 2nd most popular influencer marketing industry in 2019, to the 6th in 2020. 

We are finally seeing some good news: hotels, borders, and skies are reopening. And, with that, there has been a 210% increase in influencer marketing campaigns promoting travel. A true sign of a return to normal not only in the influencer marketing industry but for us all! 

Learn From Leading Brands

In our 2021 Travel Report, learn how leading brands are leveraging influencers to promote travel to ideal locations and with the world’s top airlines. Understand what metrics should be used to measure an influencer’s impact on your campaign, and assess how content should be monitored. 

Running a travel campaign should be fun, but it also should be strategic. With our report, you will understand how to combine data-driven decision-making with beautiful content, to see the most successful results. 

How To Run a Successful Travel Campaign

Are you ready to identify influencers for your next travel campaign and use industry benchmarks to measure your campaign performance? Download our 2021 Summer Travel Report and learn how to leverage influencers to support your campaign goals, and set KPIs for measuring campaign performance.