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The 2020 Influencer Pricing Report

We surveyed over 4,800 influencers to understand rates and pricing trends in 2020.

Lena Young
November 11, 2020

What do influencers earn?

Successful budgeting can make or break a campaign. It allows you to properly estimate the required spend for desired results in order to achieve the best ROI. So, what is required when successfully drafting an influencer campaign budget? An understanding of benchmark influencer rates. 

We are excited to release our annual Influencer Pricing Report, to help marketers plan their campaigns confidently. Each year it is important to understand how industry rates have changed, but 2020 has definitely seen some unprecedented circumstances which have impacted budgeting. Making such a report more important than ever. 

2020 Influencer Rates

Our report looks at influencer rates across Instagram by content format: Feed Post, Video, and Story. As Instagram is one of the leading influencer networks we believe this offers a benchmark for industry trends, and will help marketers and influencers set fair rates, 

Our findings revealed that Instagram influencer rates did not increase significantly in 2020. Instagram Posts remained unchanged, while Videos increased by 3% and Stories increased by 5%

This trend in rates is not a result of influencer activity, as  #ad activity increased 48% in the last year and continues to grow. It could be an impact of COVID-19, reduced marketing budgets, growing influencers, or other external factors. 

Celebrity Influencers Are Earning More

While overall influencer rates in 2020 did not see significant changes, one influencer group that did earn more was celebrity influencers. In 2020, Celebrity influencer Story rates increased 23%, Post rates increased 13%, and Video rates increased 16%

Influencer Pay-Gap 

In 2019 we identified a significant gender pay gap in the influencer industry. Unfortunately, not only does a pay gap still exist, but it has increased. Though female influencers account for 84% of the influencer industry, they are likely to earn $128 less than male influencers. 

How Much Would Emily in Paris Earn?

Image Credits: Stephanie Branchu / Netflix

One positive thing to come out of 2020 has been Netflix’s Emily in Paris. Whether you love her or hate her, the much-talked-about show has been a breath of fresh air from our current news cycle. In the show (if you haven’t already seen it please go) Emily becomes an overnight social media influencer thanks to her Instagram account documenting her move to Paris. We’re not here to say if it’s realistic or not.  Just stating the facts. 

Using our pricing data we were able to determine that as an influencer Emily of Emily in Paris would earn: $535 for a post, $960 for a Video, and $222 for a Story. Higher than the average rate for French influencers which is $173 per post. 

To access our complete pricing data and research, download our complete 2020 Influencer Pricing Report.