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State of Influencer Marketing 2021

We interviewed over 5000 influencers to uncovers leading industry trends and insights as we enter 2021.

Lena Young
December 21, 2020

What a year we have had. But, you know that don’t you. So rather than tell you things you already know, we’d prefer to give you new, exciting, and fresh information. There is no industry that did not feel the impact of 2020, including influencer marketing. We wanted to understand just how this past year impacted our industry and identify key trends that every marketer should have on their mind preparing for 2021. 

We surveyed over 5,000 global influencers and 2M sponsored posts across the leading social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok to identify. Our study highlights key findings in the industry and important trends. 

Influencer Impact Increased 57% 

2020 was the year we were all home, and because of that social media usage soared. This usage strongly affected Influencer content engagement. In fact, in 2020 influencer content received 57% more impressions than influencer content in 2019.

There are many factors that could have contributed to the growth of influencers’ impact. As digital consumers become more aware of native ads, the authenticity of influencers might be more appealing. Additionally, brands have really begun to understand that influencers can truly help to support brand values, and speak to consumers on a personal level that most traditional advertising channels cannot. 

TikTok Sponsorships Increased by 130% 

There were a lot of buzzwords this past year. I’m really going to try not to mention any of them in this article…except, TikTok. It seemed as if the remedy for the stay-at-home blues was learning a 30-second dance to Doja Cat. Jokes aside, the growth of TikTok usage encouraged brands to adopt the platform into their strategy, including using TikTok influencers. We saw TikTok sponsored content increase by 130% from 2019 to 2020, and as more brands begin using TikTok we assume this growth will only continue.

The Year of Gen Z!

Gen Z has been on brands’ radar for some time, and it appears that this awareness took center stage in 2020. Not only did Gen Z increase market share by 9% in 2020, but our research observed that they were the highest-earning influencer demographic. A clear indication of this demographic’s demand! 

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