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How Does Your Social Media Performance Measure Up (And Why It Matters)

The expanse of the social web has no boundaries. As a result, businesses must develop an online presence. They must master digital engagement. It’s non-negotiable. Why? Social media has completely changed how a business develops and sustains its brand online. That means businesses don’t have a choice. They must find an effective way to monitor […]

Ron Sela
January 26, 2015

The expanse of the social web has no boundaries.

As a result, businesses must develop an online presence. They must master digital engagement. It’s non-negotiable. Why? Social media has completely changed how a business develops and sustains its brand online. That means businesses don’t have a choice. They must find an effective way to monitor social media engagement.

Monitoring online engagement is vital for skyrocketing your online marketing results.

Social media analytics dashboards provide a wealth of information at one centralized location. You can determine, for example, how many times your brand was mentioned on Twitter over the course of a specific period of time.

Or you can measure the growth of your fan base.

When you measure indicators such as the number of engagements you have received on a particular platform, you can check the progress and effectiveness of your marketing and branding strategy.

The Number of Times Your Brand Is Mentioned

When it comes to brand mentions, Twitter is king.

According to eConsultancy.com, 66.7 percent of all brand mentions happen on Twitter. This makes Twitter the key battleground—it’s where a company establishes its social media reputation. Although this may sound somewhat melodramatic, it’s extremely accurate.

It’s important to understand the need for a well-conceptualized strategy when creating your marketing and branding plans for social media. Monitoring your brand mentions is  immensely vital to any marketing or branding strategy.

This should be a given.

Not only is it vital to monitor these mentions, but it’s vital for the business to respond to them.

Social Media Performance - Number of Mentions

The average number of mentions of a brand is 39 per day. Are you aware of the number of mentions that you’re getting?

If you’re not, you should have a program that has the capacity to help monitor that.

The Number of Followers You Have on Each Network

If you don’t know how many followers your brand has gained on each network, you cannot measure relevance and engagement.

The followers are your market on that particular network platform. Why do they matter? On networks like Twitter, your posts won’t likely be seen on the timeline of individuals unless they’re following you.

Building highly targeted followers list can be extremely beneficial with your retargeting campaigns.

Number of Followers - Social Media Performance

This doesn’t mean that your post cannot be seen. It simply means that it won’t automatically appear on their timeline. If they conducted a search for keywords in your post, they could view it that way, but that would juxtapose you post to posts from your competitors.

You have a number of possible ways to increase your following relatively rapidly.

The key is attracting those individuals who will have a need for what your business offers. In other words, your post should be relevant to your target audience. One way to do this well  is through the use of relevant hashtags. In fact, a good habit is to include at least one in every post.

Need some help getting started? Find popular hashtags with hashtagify.me, which reveals the popularity level of the tag as well as offers closely related hashtags.

Your Level of Social Media Performance on Each Network

Your level of activity on social media will significantly impact the success of your overall campaign. Social media has proven that it’s not simply a fad—it won’t go quietly slinking into the night.

That means it’s  a vital aspect of many businesses’ comprehensive marketing and branding strategies.

Statistics reveal that the vast majority of people are on at least one of the major social media networks at some point throughout the day, with many of them on multiple platforms.

What does that mean for businesses? It means that getting campaigns focused on social media is a must if they want a high level of engagement. Just being on social media isn’t enough however. You must be active.

You must retain the attention of your followers. Just getting their attention isn’t enough.

This requires consistent and constant activity.

Level of Activity - Social Media Performance

You should make it a practice to post each and every day at the same time. This consistency makes it easy for your followers to know when to look for your posts. Increasing activity will help in a number of different areas:

  • Traffic generation
  • Brand development
  • Creating social signals to search engines

The Number of Times Your Content is Shared

One aspect of developing content for social media that doesn’t receive enough attention is the importance of creating sharable content.

Not all content types are shared at the same rate.

Content that gets shared is vital to broadening your core audience.

What makes content shareable? That’s not an easy answer – there are many factors that affect whether content is shareable.

Ultimately, it depends on the audience and the context of the engagement.

Content Shared by the Brand - Social Media Performance

There’s no universal approach to creating shareable content. However, some variables stand out. Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies found that people mostly share certain types of content that have higher share rates:

  • News concerning a family member or friend (81 percent share rate)
  • Family videos and pictures (80 percent share rate)
  • Funny videos (63 percent share rate)
  • Coupons and discounts (53-54 percent share rate)
  • News articles (53-54 percent share rate)

While determining what type of content to create matters, that’s not the whole picture. You must determine the best medium through which to share it.

Email is by far the most common medium through which content is shared. However, when it comes to social media, Facebook is king. Currently, half of the content shared on social media is shared via Facebook.

The Most Popular Content Surrounding Your Brand

To effectively monitor your social media activity, you must determine what content has the greatest traction with your audience.

After all, the key to any successful marketing campaign is effective customer engagement.

This means you need to have access to data that reveals your most successful campaigns for the purpose of duplicating and refining the process. When your business can identify popular content, it also allows you to structure and adjust the campaign in response to the data in question.

As your business identifies popularity trends of its social media content, it provides the platform to study the content and identify the common factors within these trends. This makes the creation of content more precise. It also increases the chance of the content performing well on a given topic.

This also allows the content creation department to utilize certain leverage mechanisms, such as a series.

When a topic is extremely hot, it can be ridden by turning the topic into a series of posts that take a specific progression. The key takeaway here is always ensuring that the relevance of the content is hot.

Things to Consider When Creating Content for Social Media

There are several elements that must be considered when creating content, such as gender, geography, sentiment and skills. When addressing these specifically, you improve the focus of the content and enhance its relevancy.

For instance, a target audience that is all or predominantly female will be addressed differently than a mixed group or a group of men. This could be done through small, very subtle variations, or it can be accomplished through drastic shifts in the presentation.

Geography also plays an immensely vital role in the way content is developed. Geography impacts everything from weather to culture – all important considerations when creating content.

Having an effective method of monitoring these variables is vital to the overall success of any marketing campaign. The ability to identify certain trends and isolate the performance of specific content will allow your business to create content with remarkable specificity.

There is no denying the importance of having the capacity to monitor social media performance. The first thing that monitoring your performance on social media does is provide you with a lucid view of where you stand compared to your competition.

This will allow you to make the necessary adjustments to improve your competitive positioning.

It also allows you to identify and take advantage of opportunities to improve customer engagement activity. It provides the opportunity to properly and effectively manage your brand.

When not managed properly, social media can quickly turn from friend to foe.

Wondering how to measure your social media performance and increase your ROI with smarter usage of social media? Check out Twtrland 14-day free trial of social intelligence that helps you stay ahead.

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